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Monday 9th May

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Editor’s Piece

I’m feeling a little more confident that things may return to some sort of normality. So confident in fact I’ve actually started to update the diary session with ‘real’ running events. Let’s hope I don’t jinx things! I’ve even booked up for a few races myself including the Lacock Half Marathon (there’s a 10k option too). I’ve not raced this before, although I think it may have been a club championship event in the past. There’s also the Cheddar Challenge coming up next month which I may also try. The scenery is stunning around the Gorge although those hills are killers! 

With the EA30 Challenge drawing to a close I’m going to need something else to occupy me over the weekends. 

Weekly EA 30 Challenge

Breaking news! England Athletics have announced that with Covid-19 restrictions easing and more running activities returning the EA Challenge will finish at the end of May. That means after today there are only three more weekends to get involved and for us to keep hold of the clubs first place position. Last week Lucy Richens took first place for the women and I have a feeling that there’s a good chance Oli Beale will win this week with a very impressive run yesterday. 

Pictured below, club members enjoy some static recovery after a quick 30 minute blast around Aztec West.

Club Intervals- Back and Forth! 

The session this week involves running for a set time period and then on the return aiming to get back to that original starting point. Therefore we have static recoveries on this session. It all begins with 30 seconds out, static recovery, 30 seconds back. Then do the same out and back for 40, 50, 60, 90, 90, 60, 50, 40, 30 seconds. Always 30 seconds recovery between each out and back and then 1 minute recovery before moving onto the next interval period. Vicky reminds me we did this session before last summer on 27th August if anybody wishes to check their Strava record.

Facebook 5km Relay

Quick recap below of the runners so far. 

Runners so far include, Tamsin, Hannah McAlpine, Anne Lovell, Mark Andrews, Kate Wills, Jenny Godden, Ewan Cameron, Clair Cusack, Linda Phillips, Marilyn Palmer, Jane Derham, Alex Hamblin, Ben Rawlins, Mike Mewse, Anthony Glover, Dan Summers, Scott Campbell, Chris Palmer, Vicky Tester, Rhi Paton, Robyn Ellis, Dara Goodluck, Jayne Pemble, Kate Howard, Rosie Hamilton-James, Emily Whitaker, Ewan Paton, Richard Hughes, Sandra Sforza, Ken Lovell, Anneke Bull, Colin Johnson, Chris Beck, Trish Robson, Izzy Povey, Robin Phillips, Carol Fee , Eithne Noonan , Kay Ridgwell, Tim Carr, Paul Gladding, Fiona Leahy Lithander, Carolyn Dent ,Sarah Andrews, Elaine Barley, Liz Lovelock, Steve Emery , Alistair Blackwood, Gary Dickens, Svetlana Jones, Abi Hall and Dawni Stygall, Emma Rossiter and I think Rhona Beynon is next.

Castle Combe Tuesdays

Yes, I know this is a running newsletter so you will just have to indulge me for this section. Every Tuesday evening from 17:30-20:00 Castle Combe Motor Racing Circuit is open for cycling. This is a great opportunity to cycle in a safe environment without having to worry about traffic.  You have to register for the year and it costs £2 for adults and £1 for children. Then it’s £5 per session (those 18 and under only £1). It is a good training session if you are recovering from a running injury or are about to compete in a duathlon, triathlon or cycling sportive. https://andycookcycling.com/castle-combe-tuesdays/


To Helen Sawyer and Chris Palmer for completing their Leadership in Running Fitness (LiRF) course. I hope you both enjoy leading club runs.

Strava Segment of the Week

Well done to Edward Gould for becoming the Local Legend Strava Segment on One Stop Non-Stop with 12 efforts.  The crown is held by a Jack Schofield but I can see in second place we have Scott Campbell in a time of 55 seconds.

Diary Dates

May 2021 England Athletics Weekly 30 Run challenge. Run for 30 minutes over the weekend, it’s that simple. https://www.englandathletics.org/athletics-and-running/england-competitions/virtual-competitions/weekly30-run-challenge/

Saturday 12th June and Sunday 13th June. The Cheddar Challenge and Omnium by Relish Running Events. A whole range of different events over the weekend and you can do as many or as few as you like. There’s the traditional 10km, Half and Marathon but also hill climbs, sprints and a few fun runs. https://www.relishrunningraces.com/cheddar-gorge-challenge.php

Sunday 27th June Lacock Road Races 5km, 10km and Half Marathon. https://www.relishrunningraces.com/lacock-half-marathon-10km.php

Wednesday 28th July, 25th August and 29th September: Bristol and West SW PB 5k Series, 

Sunday 12th September Wye Valley Tunnel Run 5 and 10km. https://www.relishrunningraces.com/wye-valley-tunnel-run.php?fbclid=IwAR15xzqxYHOXIhLR98_6yBofM2zYcRIr2BUdCdfoFQRYuw6qIFqvSD74mq0

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer and can be contacted via communication@westburyharriers.co.uk