Annual membership runs from April to March, including the EA registration fee of £17.
Our Annual Membership costs are:
£35 junior or student
£45 adult


The academy costs £60 per year, made via two payments (Term 1: £20, Terms 2&3, £40, payable in September & January respectively).

Hardship Grants

At its discretion, the Club Committee may award grants on the grounds of hardship. Examples of situations considered include enabling membership and athletic participation with the Club and its activities or assisting an athlete when competing for the Club.

An application simply requires a letter to be submitted to the Club Treasurer ( setting out the support being requested, the reason for that support and detail of the hardship leading to the request.
The application will be considered by the committee, which at a minimum will include one of the Club Treasurer, Secretary or Chair. Further evidence may be requested by the Club Committee prior to considering an application.

Academy Fees 2022/23

In order to bring the arrangements for membership of the Academy in line with membership of other sections of Westbury Harriers and with England Athletics registration processes, there are changes to the fee structure which apply to this year’s fees. The changes also provide a bridge for those in Year 6, who will be moving into the Junior section.

 The following fees will apply to those children in School Years 3 to 5:

Term 1 (September 2023 to December 2023):  £20
Terms 2/3 (January 2024 to August 2024):       £40

The following fees will apply to those children in School Year 6 only:

Term 1 (September 2022 to December 2022):  £20
Terms 2/3 (January 2023 to December 2023):  £57

Those children in Year 6 will therefore have one year’s membership from January 2023 which will include registration with England Athletics, enabling the children to compete and have full benefits of England Athletics membership. The Academy membership will be transitioned to a Junior section membership in September 2023 (there will be nothing required from you in this respect).

Training Information

In addition to the annual membership fee, there is an additional fee of £1.50 per session, payable in advance of both Monday, Wednesday hill sessions and Thursday training sessions through the RunTogether Platform. Sessions at the Track on Tuesdays are £2.00, payable in advance; payment details will be provided to participants at the point of enquiry about attending a session.

Before you decide whether Westbury Harriers is the right club for you, we welcome you to attend three training sessions with us before we request you join the club membership. 

We hope this will assist you in making that decision.

Second claim

We charge £10 for 2nd claim members.

Training FAQs

See our FAQs for more information. If you are having any problems completing your membership, or you are a lifetime member, please email: 

Renewing Your Membership

If you are already a member of Westbury Harriers, your member application and renewal form can be accessed on our Member Mojo site using the link below. Your membership will be due for renewal every January.