Well done to all those who completed the Westbury Wipeout on Monday, 4th July.
We’ve posted a list of all finishers ‘in order of appearance’, and [lots of photos from the event, here].  If anyone would like their photo removed, please [let me know].

We’re really sorry that a number of participants went wrong, and saw far more of the Blaise Castle Estate than intended.  We’ve learned a number of lessons from the affair (the first time in 10 years we’ve ‘lost’ anyone), and are glad that everyone returned safely.

Next year’s event is pencilled in for Monday, 3rd July 2023, and if you’re not already on our new (2022-23) mailing list (based on entrants to this year’s event) you can [sign up here]. In line with GDPR and our environmental policy, the 2021-22 mailing list (used to promote this year’s event) will now be buried in soft peat.