Where do I find more information about the types of Membership that Westbury Harriers Offer?

This information can be found on our Membership page, here.

Where do I find information with regards to booking sessions?

All training session / group run information can be found on our Westbury Harriers RunTogether page.

What clothing and footwear will I need?

All participants should wear suitable running kit and proper running shoes at all times. There are plenty of options on our Club Kit Shop and you can also check out our member benefits to see what discounts are available.

When the evenings are dark all runners must wear white / light tops with reflective bibs and additional lights / accessories to make sure they are easily seen. Children in the Academy groups will be supplied with these, though they must be returned at the end of each session. Everyone else (Juniors and Seniors) will need to bring their own.

You are welcome to leave extra kit in the changing rooms at both Coombe Dingle and Blaise Castle, but we recommend that you do not leave any valuables behind as the rooms are not locked whilst we run.

Where do the training sessions take place?

Do I need to bring drinks, food and/or snacks?

Parents should ensure children have a water bottle for after training. You do not need to carry a drink whilst training. When we train at Blaise Castle, drinks and biscuits are provided afterwards.

How does Membership work?

You must register and become a member after your trial session(s). The additional club training fees are payable in cash on the night, costing £1.50 on Mondays and Thursdays and £2.00 on Tuesdays. 

Is there someone on-hand to provide First Aid?

Yes, the club has designated people who are qualified in first aid. All of our training venues have first aid posts.

Who are the Coaches and Leaders?

Westbury Harriers is run entirely by volunteers but all of our sessions are run by those who are qualified UK Athletics Coaches and Leaders. We are always looking for additional help, if you’d like to get involved follow this link.

How can I stay up to date with Westbury Harriers?

The club sends out a weekly newsletter to all members via Member Mojo with all the information and updates you’ll need. This information is also updated on our website. We have a Facebook page and group named ‘Westbury Harriers Members Chat’ which it is also beneficial to join. Team managers will contact you directly by email/Facebook or text concerning availability for teams and races.

What is 2nd Claim Membership?

You are welcome to join us as a second claim member. This enables you to train with us whilst being a member of another club. As a second claim member you will not be able to compete for us in some teams and events, such as the Gwent Cross Country League and regional / national events such as the road relays and cross country.

How can I transfer membership from another club?

If you are transferring membership from another club please refer to England Athletic guidance.

Why are you partnered with Yate AC?

Westbury Harriers is a road and cross country club only. We partnered with Yate AC in 1997. This enabled both clubs to focus on their areas of expertise. Westbury Harriers concentrates on road and cross country whilst Yate AC specialises in track and field athletics. The partnership means members from either club can join the other club for free and represent the partner club in their discipline, although are not obliged to do so.