Weekly News- Sunday 21st June 2020

Sunday 21st June

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News


Editor’s Piece

Well done to everybody who took part in the British Masters Athletic Federation (BMAF) and ISO Challenge 5k which finished this weekend. Some very impressive running by all, especially when you consider none of us were running under ‘true’ race conditions because safety takes precedence over the desire to ‘win’.

Treasure Hunt 

This week I’ve selected Sandra W, and not just because she’s very helpfully titled her photos. No, it was because of her landmark that looks very similar to another very famous building. There were a few guesses including the Time Square building and the Leaning Tower of Pisa. In the end it was Jane who successfully guessed the correct building which of course is the Flatiron in New York. A photo of the real thing is included so you can compare. In my opinion very similar, if not quite to the same scale.

And a reminder of last week’s ’somethings’. Theme was guess the ‘fake’ world famous landmark or Country. 

  • Something beginning with ‘M’
  • Something shiny
  • Something with wheels
  • Something that was closed but now’s open again
  • Something oval
  • Something purple

Your treasure hunt something’s for this week are below:
Theme: Guess the sport or sports team 

  • Something white
  • Something beginning with N
  • Something metal
  • Something double
  • Something that flies
  • A sphere
  • A treasure hunt selfie.
Interval Session – Short Efforts

Big congratulations to all Harriers who took part in the British Masters 5k – some excellent performances all round, suggesting that there is still plenty of quality training going on behind the scenes even though we aren’t able to run as a club.  

This week’s suggestion is a super simple one – 10 x 90 seconds with one minute recovery between reps. If you have anything left in the tank at the end you could do 6 x 20 seconds with 20 seconds recovery between reps.

I have had a couple of emails this week and also seen a number of people doing these sessions on Strava which is great – keep it up folks!!
Any queries drop me a message or email the coaches on senior.coaches@westburyharriers.co.uk. Please remember to warm up before you start your pyramid and to do a cool down jog and stretch afterwards.

Remember……all training must follow current government guidelines.
Good Luck – have fun and take care.

Westbury Harriers Iso Challenge 2020

As I go to press I only have provisional results for the BMAF and ISO 5K. What I can tell you is over 4,000 competitors successfully loaded their results into the Opentrack website. Of those, 38 were from Westbury Harriers with the top three  men including Oli B, Anthony G and Steve P with times of 16:03, 16:53 and 17:34 respectively. The top three women were Katie H, Lucy R and Sophie V in 18:36, 19:36 and 19:44 respectively.

The results are provisional and the website is also running tremendously slow so I’m unable to provide the results by category at this time. Perhaps somebody could work them out for me and let me know the details?
I’m afraid I also don’t yet know the Westbury Harriers 5K ISO results or what the next challenge will involve, but as soon as I do, you’ll be the first to know.

Saturday Water Tower Run

A socially-distanced water tower run took place yesterday and they took on the challenge of Two Bridges. No short-cut options on this route (unless you fancy getting wet) as it heads out over the Avonmouth bridge, along the towpath, then returning back to Bristol by crossing over the Floating Harbour. Total distance was 14 miles, taking just over 2 hours.


Amazingly, I still have some actual races to report on. Weston Athletic Club have decided, following the cancellation of the final three races of the five mile prom series to award the series prizes based on best performance (of the four races from six that took place).
That means Matt E took home 2nd place in the MV40 category for Westbury Harriers. We also had Colin P with a third place category win in the MV50 age category. 

Weston AC report that trophies and prizes will be on their way to you soon. Well done to you both.

Strava Results of the Week…

Great running by Mike M, who achieved a Personal Record on the Strava segment ‘SGR Effort’ with a time of 48 seconds. Mike happened to achieve this PR while taking part in the BMAF 5K Virtual Relays and completed the distance in an impressive 22m 21s. No Westbury runners hold the crown but we do have Ben and Josh with top 10 places.

Well done to Sam and family who ran the 5k Virtual Rainbow Run 2020. Also great to see Sam wearing club colours. Remember, just because there’s no formal racing on that’s no excuse not to be wearing your club vest.
This was a fundraising event for Children’s Hospice South West and replaced the three normal runs because of Coronavirus. Sam also has a rather natty rainbow coloured Strava route to show his 5k route around the Downs.

Diary Dates

22nd-28th June. Weekly Interval Suggestion. This weeks intervals are ten 90 seconds.
22nd-28th June. Westbury Harriers ISO Challenge Series. TBC.
23rd May -26th July. Bristol and West Virtual Challenge. Event 2 (15-28 June) SE Bristol, trail 6KM, Event 3 (29 June -12 July) SW Bristol multi-terrain 20k and Event 4 (13-26 July) Surprise finale.
Saturday 21st November. Club Awards Night. Location, Westbury Village Hall.

Further (non-virtual) events have been removed until further notice, pending outcome of Coronavirus.

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer