Weekly News – Sunday 14th June 2020


Sunday 14th June

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News


Editor’s Piece

It’s great to be able to run it larger groups now, up to a maximum of 6. I’ve undertaken a few interval sessions with friends in the club and a socially-distance social run over the weekend.
I’m also looking forward to running in the BMAF relays this week. I would like to aim for a PB and as Alex tells me it should be easy, I just need to run quicker!


For the latest guidance please refer to the England Athletics website. Includes guidance about the recently updated easing of restrictions.

Awards Night

I’m sure you’ve all realised by now we’ve not had our annual awards night to celebrate the club successes and new Club Champions.
The plan is to still hold the event, but a lot later in the year. Please make a note in your diaries that the event has been deferred until Saturday 21st November, location is Westbury Village Hall. More details will be provided nearer the time.

Westbury Harriers Website

Just another reminder that you all need to take a look at the new and improved Westbury Harrier website. It contains lots of information about membership, training, events and of course the weekly news! It also has an events calendar which will be regular updated.

Treasure Hunt 

This week I’ve selected Shirley as our winner because she’s been quite unwell, so huge credit for walking 13 miles to spot Sarah’s treasure hunt ‘somethings’. Well done Shirley and I hope you get well very soon and I’m glad searching for the treasure hunt items cheered you up.
Shirley’s catch phrase was ‘I’m free!’, from the 70’s BBC comedy called ‘Are you Being Served?’ I would suggest you take a look at a YouTube clip but it’s very likely they’ve been removed because the series was not very politically correct. My favourite character in the series was Miss Brahms who would often be discussing Mrs Slocombe’s pussy!
A reminder of last week’s ’somethings’, theme was a catch phrase or a well known saying.
Something that’s triangular

  • Something beginning with ‘L’
  • Something that’s new
  • Something low
  • Something that’s straight
  • Something that’s made you smile

Your treasure hunt something’s for this week are below:
Theme: Guess the ‘fake’ world famous landmark or country. For example and electricity pylon that may look similar to the Eiffel Tower or an item that represents a country, eg a Daffodil for Wales.

  • Something beginning with ‘M’
  • Something shiny
  • Something with wheels
  • Something that was closed but now’s open again
  • Something oval
  • Something purple
Interval Session – Short Efforts

Two suggestions this week both based on decreasing efforts – please choose one; I am not proposing you do both!!

  • The first is the same session that some of the youngsters did last week – it looked so good we thought the adults may like to give it a go too. 1km warm up, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m, 200m, 2km cool down. 3 minute static recovery between each rep. This is a long recovery to enable you to work hard in the rep – you should be getting progressively faster as you decrease the distance. The last 200m should be at 100%.
  • The second is one of our traditional field sessions. 5 minutes, 4 minutes, 3 minutes, 2 minutes, 1 minute, 2 x 30 secs. Half time recoveries after each effort. Again your pace should increase with each rep, the last two being at 100%.

Any queries drop me a message or email the coaches on senior.coaches@westburyharriers.co.uk. Please remember to warm up before you start your pyramid and to do a cool down jog and stretch afterwards.
Remember……all training must follow current government guidelines.
Good Luck – have fun and take care.

Picture from the Past

I was chatting to Alex about the ISO series and in passing he mentioned really enjoying all the old running photos on Facebook. As I’ve not put anything in the Weekly News for a while it’s serendipitous I’ve been provided with a photograph from the archive.

Roy Turner has very kindly provided me with the photo below. It was taken circa 1965 at a club dinner held up at Blaise Castle. The top table from left to right includes Roy who was Club Treasurer, Roy Fox, Gilbert Walker (80 years old when the picture was taken) and Peter Griffin on the far right.

The Track is Back

The Yate track at the Tony Jeffries stadium is now back in action, in a restricted way and subject to new Covid-19 guidelines. Details are on our partner club Yate and District Athletics Club website, link below.

Pictured below are some of our juniors enjoying a wet and windy, socially distanced track session. Photo credit to Mike M.

Westbury Harriers Iso Challenge 2020: 5K BMAF Road Relays and 5K ISO Challenge (prizes by Up and Running and Westbury Harriers)

The 1 Mile No Limits Challenge has now ended with some impressive downhill, wind-assisted runs. Our winner was Ann who destroyed her PB time. Oli came second, only 4 seconds off his age group world record and Sandy coming home in third place.
Both Ann and Oli took advantage of the ‘undulating’ Ashton Court course. Some nice wide paths and traffic free, so a great course choice for this challenge. Ann will be the recipient of a running related prize from Up and Running. A special mention to under 13 runner Henry Watson who ran 6:18. I found an unofficial world record for a 12 year old if 4:16 so this was used for the age group time.

The next ISO Challenge will run from 13th – 21st June, as the BMAF 5k runs from 14th – 20th June. Strict rules, from me anyway, start and finish in roughly the same place. If the moving time is different to the elapsed time, I will use your elapsed time.
Fastest Male – supplied by Westbury Harriers
Fastest Female – supplied by Westbury Harriers
Iso Challenge winner – supplied by Up and Running Henleaze 

For the ISO Challenge I get the occasional new participant, if I cannot get a pb from the power of 10, I am now looking at the top 6 runners, working out the average gap between their run times and pb and then applying this to the new runner.  For example, new runner runs 18:00 for 5k, the top 6 runners are on average 45 seconds slower than their pb times, the new runner will have a pb of 17:15.
Good luck
Alex M.

Up and Running, 38 North View, Westbury Park, Henleaze

With lockdown restrictions starting to ease we now have non-essential shops opening from Monday. Up and Running Bristol will be providing an assessment, fitting and try on shoe service. They will be taking appropriate measures to keep staff and customers safe in line with government guidelines.
To begin with their opening hours will be Monday to Saturday 09:00 to 17:00. They will operate a first come, first serve basis, so request your patience. All members of the club are entitled to a 10% discount.


Well done to Chris L who continues to work his way across the (virtual) United States. He says he’s just passed over the Hiwassee River on his way to Knoxville. Still over 240 miles to go though!

Strava Results of the Week…

Great running by Liz L who was apparently fueled by red wine when she headed out over the bridge to Ashton Court Estate. On her run she achieved 3 personal records including Strava segment ‘Bridge to bridge Festival’ 2:15, ‘Tree Trunk Jump’ 1:46 and Bridge Road 2:14.
Perhaps red wine is the new pre-run hydration fluid of champions!

Diary Dates

15th-21st June. Weekly Interval Suggestion. This weeks intervals are Decreasing Efforts.
13th-21st June. Iso Challenge Series. 5K challenge.
14th-20th June. Virtual British Masters 5K Championships for Teams and Individuals. Alex M will also post details on Facebook and incorporate within the WH ISO Challenge Series.
23rd May -26th July. Bristol and West Virtual Challenge. Event 2 (15-28 June) SE Bristol, trail 6KM, Event 3 (29 June -12 July) SW Bristol multi-terrain 20k and Event 4 (13-26 July) Surprise finale.
Saturday 21st November. Club Awards Night. Location, Westbury Village Hall

Further (non-virtual) events have been removed until further notice, pending outcome of Coronavirus.

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer


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