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Saturday 11th April

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News

Editor’s Piece

Hopefully things are progressing in the right direction and some sort of normality will return soon. Shops re-open on Monday meaning if you are lucky enough to have won some running vouchers in this month’s ‘Member of the Month’ nomination you will be able to spend them. I certainly could do with some new running gear so will be heading to Up and Running in Heanleaze soon.

Perhaps I also need to get some track shoes if I’ve any chance of keeping up with the ‘A’ racers in yesterday’s track event. Not sure if I should thank or curse Mike Mewse for my ‘promotion’ as it was hard work at the time (those first few laps were super fast) but I did enjoy once it was all over! With a bit of practice I’m sure I can go quicker, so I’m hoping we will get the chance to run a track event again.

Yate Track Race/Time-trial Taster Day

Yesterday a few members of the club had the opportunity to try some fast track running at the Jefferies Arena, Yate. The 1500m A race was by invite only and as expected, there was some exceptional results. The 1500m B race was open to all with a few runners never having even run track before. Again, some impressive times by all those involved.

After a short pause we then had the 3000m event, 7.5 laps of the track (which seemed a long way at the time). Both events were quick and all runners had a nasty headwind to contend with on the home straight. 

Many thanks to Mike, Neil, Alex and Chris for arranging, timing  and organising. Hopefully more event to come in the future. Full results to follow but a brief summary below. 

Great to see some excellent racing with plenty of PBs. The 1500m A race lived up to expectations with most of the club’s top runners battling it out. Greg Hayward (4.17.30) took the honours ahead of Ben Rawlins (4.19.10 and Anthony Glover (4.19.84). The 1500 B race saw Olly Shrewsbury (4.54.43) and Ewan Paton (5.09.84) at the front with Vicky Tester (5.13.25) having a fine run for 1st lady. In the 3000m A race Nick Dobson (10.40.46) led from start to finish … but only just as Rhiannon Paton (10.41.52) passed Robin Phillips (10.42.64) and nearly caught him at the finish. Debutant Caitlin Glover (13.01.46) recorded a PB to win the 3000m B race.

Club Intervals- Keeping it Steady

I remembered to ask Vicky this week and it’s a session that’s nice and easy to programme into the watch. This week 8 x 90 seconds / 45 seconds (1 minute recovery after the 90 and 45 after the 45 seconds) . Finish off with 6 x 20 second sprints at the end. Warm up, warm down and stretch to finish. 

1500m PB for Ellie

Last night in America Ellie Leather raced to another, and the most impressive of her recents PB’s.
In a stacked 1500m, she finished an impressive 2nd place in a new PB, a new University and new Yate AC record. Her time of 4 min 17 seconds was an improvement of 11 seconds.

Facebook 5km Relay

Up to leg 47 now, the most recent runners being Sarah, Cheetara (aka Elaine, pictured below) and Liz. Steve’s up next.

Tamsin, Hannah McAlpine, Anne Lovell, Mark Andrews, Kate Wills, Jenny Godden, Ewan Cameron, Clair Cusack, Linda Phillips, Marilyn Palmer, Jane Derham, Alex Hamblin, Ben Rawlins, Mike Mewse, Anthony Glover, Dan Summers, Scott Campbell, Chris Palmer, Vicky Tester, Rhi Paton, Robyn Ellis, Dara Goodluck, Jayne Pemble, Kate Howard, Rosie Hamilton-James, Emily Whitaker, Ewan Paton, Richard Hughes, Sandra Sforza, Ken Lovell, Anneke Bull, Colin Johnson, Chris Beck, Trish Robson, Izzy Povey, Robin Phillips, Carol Fee , Eithne Noonan , Kay Ridgwell, Tim Carr, Paul Gladding, Fiona Leahy Lithander, Carolyn Dent ,Sarah Andrews, Elaine Barley, Liz Lovelock and next, on leg 47 Steve Emery.

EA Weekly30 Challenge

Don’t forget to record your 30 minutes this weekend. First place is within grasp. Details on how to enter are below.


Happy Birthday to a Masters Champion

Today we have a club birthday to celebrate. To many the name Vicky will be associated with pain as without her we wouldn’t have our weekly dose of intervals. But of course no pain, no gain! Have a great birthday Vicky and keep those intervals coming (just perhaps with longer recoveries?).

Black Swan Post Training Drinks

The club have two tables booked for Monday 12th April in the beer garden. There are still a couple of seats free so if you’re interested please let Louise Pretty know today. Details are on her facebook posting dated 18th March.

Members of the Month Winners

Congratulations to Artie Savage-Swain on a massive PB at a recent 5k event. Artie crossed the line in 15:52 knocking around 2 minutes off his previous record. Well done, this impressive performance means some Up and Running vouchers are on the way to you.

Our senior winner this month is Mark Andrews. The nomination goes to Mark for his support in pairing up runners in ‘tutus’ during lockdown. Mark become quite a match-maker, a regular Cilla Black and he’s a whole lot of ‘lorra, lorra laughs’. Mark is also a regular runner with the club, giving most things a try including his recent track performance yesterday. He just not as good as taking selfies as his wife Sarah, more practice needed! Well done Mark, vouchers are on the way.

Up and Running Reopening

And just a quick message below from Rick and Abi at Up and Running. Don’t forget clubs members are entitled to a 10% discount.

We will be back open Monday for our normal service! Thank you for your support over the last 14 weeks, we really appreciate it and hopefully we’ve managed to help keep you all running. We can’t wait to see you all again, we will be open Monday-Friday 09:00-17:00 and Saturdays 09:00-18:00.

We will have 30% off all winter clothing- jackets, capris, leggings and long sleeve tees all included! Stay safe and keep running. Rick and Abi

Return to Training

Don’t forget, small group training is back! Group runs with out run leaders are advertised and can be booked using the RunTogher site, link below. Other social runs, which will adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, will be advertised on facebook. Links below



Diary Dates

April 2021 England Athletics Weekly 30 Run challenge. Run for 30 minutes over the weekend, it’s that simple.


Sunday 18th April Virtual AGM 6:30pm A virtual club AGM using Zoom, joining details will be provided nearer the time.

Monday 19th April Dirty Duck Club Night An evening at the pub for drinks and snacks- contact Louise Hadley for details.

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer and can be contacted via communication@westburyharriers.co.uk