Weekly News- Saturday 3rd April

Saturday 3rd April

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News

Editor’s Piece

Under Covid-19 restrictions it has been a bit of a struggle to fill the newsletter, but not this week with so much extra going on!

Last week small group training was back, and it certainly makes running a lot more enjoyable. Monday evening training returned in force with groups 1 to 6 out pounding the pavements or trails around Bristol. 

Thursday interval training has also returned at Coombe Dingle sports centre and it’s been quite a novel experience to get back into the running drills, something I let slip when running solo. It was quite hard work training in a group too, no excuse to slouch when you’re sticking with your pod.  in fact Vicky did give me a very concerned look at one point, I must have looked quite ill! Perhaps next week I’ll back off a little, or at least try and die quietly in the recovery section.

Next Saturday we also have a track taster day up at Yate. I’ve only run a track event once before so I’m looking forward to giving it another go and I would recommend it to others. 

Yate Track Race/Time-trial Taster Day Saturday 10th April

Next Saturday we have a free track taster day, an event open to all senior members of the club. The event is just a little fun, with an element of competition but the main aim is for the adult runners to experience a track event. If you’ve never run on the track before this is an ideal opportunity to give it a try and I’m sure you will enjoy it and consider running in more events in the future.

We’ve kept the 1500m A race as invitation only to keep places for our faster runners. We expect the times for this race to be between 4.00 minutes and 4.30 – we’ve got a pacemaker to make sure they don’t dawdle. Runners in the A race will receive confirmation details by email.

The other 3000m A race has a suggested time to try to get similar abilities together. For the 1500m B there may well be a range of speeds as the race is for all abilities. If all the places are filled in the 1500m B race we will try to fit in an extra race.

You can wear any vest / top – in fact it would help if you had different colours to help the timekeepers. Key advice – don’t go out too hard. Keep some energy for a sprint finish and a big smile as you cross the line.

The “races” won’t be officially listed on Run Britain or Power of 10 so it’s a really a time trial with an opportunity to try for a personal best at 1500m or 3000m – or just come out and enjoy running on a track.

Our time keepers are all amateurs – in every sense ! – so feel free to record your own time as well.  Booking’s can be made via the link below, but don’t hang about, places are going fast.  

Format looks like this : 4 Races

12.30 1500m A race, by invitation. For the quicker runners who can run 5.00 mins or under, 12.45 and  1500m B race for 5.00 + mins

13.00 3000m A Race for those who aim to run under 12.00 mins and 13.30 3000m B Race for 12.00+ mins

** Note ** Arrangements and time guidelines may change if we need to put on extra races. We’ll try to fit in as many people as possible but need to adhere to Covid guidelines.


Club Intervals-TBC

I forgot to ask Vicky about this weeks intervals. I’ll put them on facebook later instead.

Facebook 5km Relay

I think we’ll up to leg 44. They relay legs have been coming in thick and fast recently so I may have lost count and missed somebody off the list. If I have do let me know. Anyway, I think Carolyn was the last to hand over the virtual baton (or in the case a physical branch) to Sarah Andrews. I’m looking forward to reading her running biography next.

And for a quick re-cap I believe each relay leg has been covered by the following individuals. 

Tamsin, Hannah McAlpine, Anne Lovell, Mark Andrews, Kate Wills, Jenny Godden, Ewan Cameron, Clair Cusack, Linda Phillips, Marilyn Palmer, Jane Derham, Alex Hamblin, Ben Rawlins, Mike Mewse, Anthony Glover, Dan Summers, Scott Campbell, Chris Palmer, Vicky Tester, Rhi Paton, Robyn Ellis, Dara Goodluck, Jayne Pemble, Kate Howard, Rosie Hamilton-James, Emily Whitaker, Ewan Paton, Richard Hughes, Sandra Sforza, Ken Lovell, Anneke Bull, Colin Johnson, Chris Beck, Trish Robson, Izzy Povey, Robin Phillips, Carol Fee , Eithne Noonan , Kay Ridgwell, Tim Carr, Paul Gladding, Fiona Leahy Lithander, Carolyn Dent and to come, Sarah Andrews.

EA Weekly30 Challenge

The weekly challenge has been extended which is probably a good thing. Had it finished this week would would have reluctantly taken a sliver but as the finishing line has been extended it is very possible we can take gold. 

The challenge also encourages us to continue running at least once over the weekend for a minimum of 30 minutes, and let’s be honest that can only be a good thing. I’ll perhaps be running fewer Aztec West and Portway death-runs on a Saturday and instead be including the 30 minutes as part of a weekly more leisurely longer run. The death-runs I’ll save for special occasions! 

Details on how to enter are below.


BMAF Virtual 1 Mile Challenge

Congratulations to everyone from Westbury Harriers who took part. Full Westbury Harriers results have been reported in the Weekly News by Ewan Paton (who posted a top class run himself – Scotland selectors please note !) but here’s a run down of the Westbury runners who made Top 10 in Individual and Team competitions, led by Anthony Glover, Vicky Tester and Oli Beale (pictured below).

Some seasonal prizes have been delivered – others are on the way. There were over 1500 performances in all age groups from clubs throughout the UK. Well done to our running colleagues at Exmouth Harriers who picked up top individual and top team honours with outstanding winners Tom Merson M35 (4.21) and the legendary Ray Elston M80 (8.02).

Fastest Westbury Runners

Male : Oli Beale 3rd M40 4.40, Female : Vicky Tester 10th W40 5.39, Highest Place Finish : Anthony Glover – 2nd M45 – 4.50

Top 10 Teams (Top 10 individual finishers in brackets)

Helen Kershaw (6) , Marilyn Palmer, Ann Lovell – 4th W65+; Vicky Tester (10), Sophie Voller, Tamsin Chick – 6th W35+; Oli Beale (3), Alan Uren, Matt Ellis – 8th M35+; Sandy Masters (9), Judy Knights, Helen Sawyer – 8th W55+; Anthony Glover (2), Ewan Paton, Chris Beck – 8th M45+; Anneke Bull, Val Hughes, Sandra Sforza – 9th W55+ B Team; Alison Rogers, Robyn Ellis, Sarah Andrews – 10th W45+

Good Friday Social Runs

I hope everybody enjoyed their Good Friday social run from Blaise Castle? There were a lot of groups out that morning and we have a small sample of photos taken from the day. Hopefully more social runs to come in the future.

Membership Renewal Reminder

Have you renewed your membership yet? If not please do, an e-mail with renewal details would have been sent. 

England Athletics Website: myAthletics Portal

Just a reminder that on the EA website there is the myAthletics portal where you need to check your personal details are correct  and registration status.  Please log on and confirm all your details are still valid using the link below.


Return to Training

Don’t forget, small group training is back! Group runs with out run leaders are advertised and can be booked using the RunTogher site, link below. Other social runs, which will adhere to Covid-19 guidelines, will be advertised on facebook. A section of photos from various group, including including the ‘twins’ , Ashley and Sarah.

Guidance on using the RunTogether site and the WH Group run site below



Diary Dates

Saturday 10th April Yate Track Taster Session. A 1,500 and 3,000m unofficial time trail/race.https://tinyurl.com/4ut86jwj

April 2021 England Athletics Weekly 30 Run challenge. Run for 30 minutes over the weekend, it’s that simple.


Sunday 18th April Virtual AGM 6:30pm A virtual club AGM using Zoom, joining details will be provided nearer the time.

Monday 19th April Dirty Duck Club Night An evening at the pub for drinks and snacks- contact Louise Hadley for details

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer and can be contacted via communication@westburyharriers.co.uk