Weekly News

Gwent League. In only a couple of weeks we have the second Gwent League (Saturday 9th November) to be held at Pembrey Country Park (SA16 0EJ). Tamsin tells me that although this is the furthest fixture it’s worth the drive because it’s scenic with no nasty hills. Do let Tamsin know if you can attend. Once again car shares will be arranged and the meeting place will be the co-op on Stoke Lane at 9:30. Let Tamsin know beforehand if you need a lift or can offer to drive.  Cost to run is only £4 but do wear you Westbury vest and bring spikes/trail shoes. Contact Tamsin via facebook or manager.women@westburyharriers.co.uk

Mike Mewse will also be taking name for the mens race in the afternoon (2:35pm). Again, you can contact Mike via facebook or manager.vets.men@westburyharriers.co.uk He will also try to get lift shares arranged. 

Mike will also take names for the Gloucestershire League Cross Country on Saturday 2nd November at Charlton Park, Malmesbury. No pressure as we aren’t entering a team, just a social day out. 

Mike also informs me we have the Tri-Counties Championship at Bath University on Sunday 1st December. This will incorporate the Avon, Wilts and Somerset Championships. Senior Man and Masters race at 2:10, enter online via the Avon AA website.

Bristollive/Post Sports Awards Night Winners. Firstly a big thanks to Jim, our club chairman, who has very kindly paid for a table at this prestigious event. Jim, who celebrates 50 years with the club will be joined by:Linda Phillips, Jayne Pemble, Eithne Noonan, Judy Knight, Vicky Tester, Matt Ellis, Neil Miller, Mike Clark and Ian Gawinowski. Now let’s just hope we win!

Nominations. The committee will be meeting on Friday so please post your junior and senior nominations to member.of.the.month@westburyharriers.co.uk

Group Leaders and Assistants. Although it’s great news that the Monday night groups are growing it does mean it’s of added importance we have sufficient group leaders and assistants. This is especially true for Group 3 and 4 (and perhaps even 6). With large groups it’s important to have at least two qualified runners. The assistants role is to greet new runners, make sure everybody is safe and look out for anybody who may be struggling.  

You only need to undertake a one day course called Leadership in Running and Fitness (LiRF) which the club pays for. Speak to Lizzy Smith if interested. 

Club Championship Races. I’m afraid I have bad news for all you masochists that enjoy racing on New Years Day (can’t believe anybody would get out of bed until midday, let alone run).  The breaking news is the Hangover 10K has been cancelled. The good news is the club championship committee have been working hard to find a replacement and I’m pleased to say we’ll be running the Wye Wander instead. This takes place over in Chepstow on Sunday 29th December, so you won’t even have to worry about having a sore head!

Christmas Meal. Reminder – we have the Xmas meal after the Weston Prom on Thursday 19th December. Menu choices and payment in full to be with Sandra by Thursday 21st November.

Thursday Efforts. I’m afraid I forgot to ask Vicky what we’d be doing on Thursday. I can’t be hills again, surely! Check facebook nearer the time as I’m sure Vicky will provide an update.

Congratulations.  Another really, really busy weekend for Westbury Harriers. Let’s start with a club championship event, the Nightingale Nightmare. The club absolutely dominated this event (the announcer even joked we may be banned from entering the future) with first place male and female wins. Vicky Tester was the first lady home with a fast run and wearing an impressive halloween outfit.  Ewan Patton was the first gent to cross the finishing line, he just went storming up Nightingale hill as if it was not even there!

Vicky and Laura, a scary looking pair pictured as yesterday’s Nightingale Nightmare. Photo thanks to Chris Palmer

Also today we had Matt Ellis running the Stroud Half Marathon. His Strava time was a very impressive 1:12 with a possible 6th place.

Running a little bit further and in another country Tim Clothier was putting all his training into practice at today’s Frankfurt Marathon. Tim was successful in breaking the 3.20 barrier, he also achieved a PB at the half way point!

The Weston Prom series is fully underway with race 2 having taken place last week. If anybody knows the current series standings I would be interested. What I can tell you is at race 1 and 2 both Matt Ellis and Catherine Treble ran some very quick times.

The most impressive results are from anybody who was out running on Saturday. The weather was atrocious, basically it rained all day. Therefore hats off to Sharon Grainger, Ken and Ann Lovell who were taking part in the Beachy Head Marathon. An off road event with some really horrible hills.

Finally congratulations to Tim Carr who had a very busy weekend. Not only running the Tough Runner event around Ashton Court on Saturday but by finishing it off with the Nightingale Nightmare on Sunday, guiding Tracey around the course.

If I’ve missed anybody I do apologise. If you’ve raced or run something that little bit different do let us know via the WH facebook page.

Training Tip of the Week.
A few weeks back I discussed Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) and this can be used to give a rough indication of your Lactate Threshold (LT).  This week it’s VO2 max. Your VO2 max is the maximum rate you can produce energy aerobically. This is determined by maximum heart rate, maximum amount of blood piped per heartbeat and amount of oxygen extracted from the blood and used by muscles.  Maximal heart rate is determined by genetics and also age. The good news is training can improve your Vo2 max but only up to your genetic potential.

In terms of the Heart Rate Reserve VO2 max is around 92-97%. 

Recommendations. If planning a Spring marathon and you’re looking to improve your finishing time I can recommend the book Advanced Marathoning (third addition) by Pete Pfitzinger and Scott Douglas. It provides a lot of tips and at the rear of the book provides a number of schedules you can use to train in preparation of race day.

Diary Dates 
Tuesday 29th October. Pomphrey 5k series starts.  Pomphrey 5k Series

Thursday 14th November. 2019 Bristol Post and Bristollive Sports Awards. 6:30pm Ashton Gate Stadium.

Monday 18th November. Pub supper in the Black Swan (aka Mucky Duck). On the menu we have lasagne (veggie and meat options) plus garlic bread. All for the bargain price of £6. Louise will be asking for confirmation in due course.

Sunday 24th November Gloucester 10K Gloucester 10K link

Sunday 8th December Weston Christmas Cracker. Cracker Link

Sunday 1st December The Tri-Counties Cross-Country Championships at Bath University. avon/CCChamps

Sunday 5th January 2020 South West Cross Country Championships, Aldon Hill Yeovil (juniors/seniors)

Saturday 25th January 2020 Midland Cross Country Championships (the club has in the last few years focused on the South West XC, rather than the Midlands)

Saturday 22nd February English National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham (juniors/seniors)

Saturday 21st March 2020 Midland 6/12 Stage Road Relays– Sutton Park

Saturday 4th April 20202 National 6/12 Stage, Sutton Park

Saturday 16th May 2020- Masters Road Relays, Sutton Park (Over 35’s)


Club Championship Events
Saturday 9th November. Gwent Cross Country, Pembrey Country Park. Team managers will provide details.

Sunday 17th November Keynsham Dandy (TACH). More details on the TACH website  Dandy Link RACE FULL

Saturday 7th December. Gwent League Event: Blaise Castle, Bristol.  As a club we host this event and it’s on familiar territory so you have no excuse for not attending.  

Thursday 19th December. Western Prom. A 5 mile race, up and down the promenade front. Affiliated only £6. A post race Christmas meal is organised as well, check above for details.

Thursday 26th December Clevedon Boxing Day Race. I can tell you it’s a 4 mile race and a good excuse to burn off those excess calories from Christmas day lunch. Last year the first three Westbury finishers where Joe Conners, Ben Rawlins and Robin Phillips.http://www.clevedonac.co.uk/races

NEW EVENT (replaces Hangover 10k)
Sunday 29th December The Wye Wander, starting from Chepstow Leisure Centre.  Wye Wander Link

Sunday 12th January 2020. The Riverbank Rollick, by Thornbury Running Club. The course offers different terrains, different places, different views… and is probably different to anything you’ve tried before. Challenging too, but very rewarding. Just under 10 miles in length. Event is up on fullonsport although not yet open for entries when I last looked. Riverbank Rollick Link

Saturday 8th February 2020. Gwent League Event: Chepstow Race Course

Sunday 23rd February. River Avon Trail 10k A stunning off road, multi terrain course which will incorporate thrilling trails, open countryside and woodlands. River Avon 10k Link

Sunday 1st March 2020 Gwent League Event: Singleton Park, Swansea

Sunday 15th March San Domenico 20 miler. Wales