Weekly News

2019 Bristol Post and Bristollive Sports Awards Thursday 14th November.  Monday evening Jim will be drawing names from the hat for this exciting event. If you send your details to Jim this morning there’s the possibility you could still be entered in the draw. chairman@westburyharriers.co.uk. 

Club Supper. After training today we have the inaugural club supper night at the Black Swan (Mucky Duck). We have 40 club members signed up for the meal, just make sure you leave some grub for me if I get there a little late!

Christmas Meal. As we’re discussing food Sandra has reminded me we have the Xmas meal after the Weston Prom on Thursday 19th December. Menu choices and payment in full to be with Sandra by Thursday 21st November. Menu shown below.

Club Championship Races. Next Sunday we have the Nightingale Nightmare. This is an enjoyable event and one of the few races where the halloween outfit is probably more important that finishing positions. Absolutely everybody dresses up for this occasion including all the marshals and race officials. Even if you were unlucky enough not to get in it is still worth coming along to the start/finishing line to see everybody in their outfits. The race starts on the towpath (same place as the towpath series) and heads up into Leigh Woods. Prize presentations are in held Ashton school where you can also find masses of cake!

Thursday Efforts. Many thanks to Mike Mewse, Neil Miller, Jayne Pemble, Vicky Tester and Tamsin for making the Thursday Efforts sessions such a success. Unfortunately this Thursday I have bad news for you all. We’re doing HILLS!!!!. You can blame me, as I only said to Mike last week it’s been a while since we’ve run hills. Just think of it as good training for the next Gwent League at Pembrey Country Park.

So we’ll be doing a max of 7 repetitions up Falcondale Road. Push hard on the uphill with jog-recovery on the downhill.

Couch to 5k.  On Monday the Couch to 5k runners will be joining us for their first run with Group 6 as they graduate.  They’ve made great progress so please to give them a round of applause. Also thanks to Mike Clark who has done an incredible job running the programme.

Congratulations.  I’m writing this Saturday afternoon so the only results available to me are from parkruns. Congratulations to Robyn Ellis and her possible 3rd place win at the Clevedon parkrun. She then finished off this with a 27k run, looks like marathon training has already started!

We also had Bridget Belfourd smashing the Eastville parkrun with 1st place lady. No mean feat, especially after the hard Thursday Efforts training session. Well done.

Training Tip of the Week. Lactate Thresholds. During carbohydrate metabolism lactate is produced and also used by the muscles as fuel. Walking and slow running produce low lactate levels and production is equal to use. As exercise level increases you get to a point where lactate creation is greater than use, which then concentrates in muscles and blood. This is lactate threshold (LT). 

A few weeks back I discussed Heart Rate Reserve (HRR) and this can be used to give a rough indication of your LT.  The LT has a range of 75-88% of your HRR and this can be used to indicate your LT pace. 

Diary Dates 
Thursday 24th October. The Western Prom Run Western Prom Link

Sunday 26th October Master Cross Country Relays, Nottingham

Saturday 26th October Bristol Epic 10k  https://toughrunneruk.bristol-epic-10

Tuesday 29th October. Pomphrey 5k series starts.  Pomphrey 5k Series

Thursday 14th November. 2019 Bristol Post and Bristollive Sports Awards. 6:30pm Ashton Gate Stadium.

Sunday 24th November Gloucester 10K Gloucester 10K link

Sunday 8th December Weston Christmas Cracker. Cracker Link

Sunday 1st December The Tri-Counties Cross-Country Championships at Bath University. avon/CCChamps

Sunday 29th December The Wye Wander, starting from Chepstow Leisure Centre.  Wye Wander Link

Sunday 5th January 2020 South West Cross Country Championships, Aldon Hill Yeovil (juniors/seniors)

Saturday 25th January 2020 Midland Cross Country Championships (the club has in the last few years focused on the South West XC, rather than the Midlands)

Saturday 22nd February English National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham (juniors/seniors)

Saturday 21st March 2020 Midland 6/12 Stage Road Relays– Sutton Park

Saturday 4th April 20202 National 6/12 Stage, Sutton Park

Saturday 16th May 2020- Masters Road Relays, Sutton Park (Over 35’s)

Club Championship Events
Sunday 27th October. Nightingale Nightmare. Race Full – did you get in? Don’t forget, fancy dress is compulsory! RACE FULL

Saturday 9th November. Gwent Cross Country, Pembrey Country Park. Team managers will provide details.

Sunday 17th November Keynsham Dandy (TACH). More details on the TACH website  Dandy Link RACE FULL

Saturday 7th December. Gwent League Event: Blaise Castle, Bristol.  As a club we host this event and it’s on familiar territory so you have no excuse for not attending.  

Thursday 19th December. Western Prom. A 5 mile race, up and down the promenade front. Affiliated only £6. A post race Christmas meal is organised as well, check above for details.

Thursday 26th December Clevedon Boxing Day Race. I can tell you it’s a 4 mile race and a good excuse to burn off those excess calories from Christmas day lunch. Last year the first three Westbury finishers where Joe Conners, Ben Rawlins and Robin Phillips.http://www.clevedonac.co.uk/races

Sunday 12th January 2020. The Riverbank Rollick, by Thornbury Running Club. The course offers different terrains, different places, different views… and is probably different to anything you’ve tried before. Challenging too, but very rewarding. Just under 10 miles in length. Event is up on fullonsport although not yet open for entries when I last looked. Riverbank Rollick Link

Saturday 8th February 2020. Gwent League Event: Chepstow Race Course

Sunday 23rd February. River Avon Trail 10k A stunning off road, multi terrain course which will incorporate thrilling trails, open countryside and woodlands. River Avon 10k Link

Sunday 1st March 2020 Gwent League Event: Singleton Park, Swansea

Sunday 15th March San Domenico 20 miler. Wales