TrustFord Westbury Wipeout 2015 – Calling All Hands

Just a quick reminder that advance entries close on Friday (3/7) for the 2015 TrustFord Westbury Wipeout, which will take place at Blaise Castle a week on Monday (6th July).  With more than 180 of the 300 places already filled, there is no guarantee that entries will be available on the day (and advance entries will close early once all places are filled).  This challenging multi-terrain adventure run for youngsters aged 8 to 15 takes you on a tour of the woods, streams and hills of the Blaise Castle Estate.  Please see the ‘Westbury Wipeout’ Events page for full details and links.

Opportunities for Older Youngsters (15 – 18)

If you are a ‘regular’ youngster with the club, but just too old to participate, we are looking for some older youngsters (154 – 18) to run round ‘embedded’ in the run, looking out for problems and helping participants as necessary.  You get to do the event for free (but no T-Shirt or medal I’m afraid).  15 year-olds can opt to either enter to participate or help out. If you would like to do this, please turn up at the normal time and report to Nick Elliott (one of the girls’ leaders).

Helpers Needed – Please Please Please

A large event like this can only take place thanks to an army of volunteers – This Means You (parents and seniors).  If you can help on the night please let Carol know in advance.  Please give her your mobile phone number and when you can get there (the earlier the better).

Parking at a Premium

It is likely that the car park will be very busy, so allow extra time in case you have to walk.