SENIOR MEN & VET MEN – call up for Gwent League

Very well done to the Vet Men who ran in Cardiff. It was a great event with some fine performances by Westbury runners  – but we were short of senior men and sadly we’re way down the league now.  The ladies had a big turn out in Cardiff – it would be great if we men could match their commitment.

The next Gwent Cross Country League fixture is on Saturday 10th November at Pembrey.

It’s a long trip but it should be a good day out and good racing. Scott and I will be trying to catch up with as many men as possible to arrange transport. Sharing lifts will be important for such a long trip.

In case you’re undecided about racing remember …. cross country is … Great competition – you get to race against some top class runners – and some not quite so fast !    Great training –  you can get in 10k of good training – with runners to pace you every step of the way.  Great Value  – just £4 for a well-organised race.  Real Bonding – you really do bond with fellow runners who’ve all worked hard for the team.

Every Runner Counts – wherever you finish your run will help the team.

Bribery ! – we will provide free cakes, biscuits, drinks !

What you need : Normal kit including club vest,  with spikes or trail shoes, etc.  For an excellent guide to cross country go to the Westbury Harriers website. Click on Resources. Click on Dr Neil Miller’s Blog. You will find a comprehensive list of what to bring and even how to run cross country.

Transport – We will be making a big effort to get people to travel together and provide lifts so that we can share the costs. Wherever you live we can help.

PS   – There’s a Gloucestershire League XC event in Malmesbury on 3rd November – would be good practice for Gwent League.