Blaise Blazer 2018

The 2018 Blaise Blazer took place under warm summer skies. The race was a sell out for the second year in a row with 165 finishers on the night.

First person home was Clevedon’s Jed Bartlett in a time of 21.58. In the women’s race the first lady home was Westbury’s Hannah Hobbs who finished 10th overall in a time of 24.22.

This year’s team competition saw Bristol and West AC, Emersons Green Running Club, Southville Running Club and Westbury Harriers battle it out. The first 4 males and first 4 females would count towards the trophy and it was the home team who came out on top.

Westbury Harriers Bristol and West AC Southville Running Club Emersons Green Running Club
Male 1 Oli Beale 2 Peter Bains 5 Simon Marchant 8 Samuel Stone 21
Male 2 Alex Hamblin 4 Anthony Hall 14 Paul Deaton 17 Gary Jennings 38
Male 3 Alan Uren 6 Neil Light 20 Jonathan Flower 30 Liam Royle 52
Male 4 Dan Summers 7 Tom Burgess 68 M McBeth 34 Pete Blanchard 71
Female 1 Hannah Hobbs 10 Naomi Aylwin 36 Hannah Reeve 57 Joe Bereza 49
Female 2 Katie Hughes 25 Jane Colman 43 Ashleen Ward 81 Kate Wright 78
Female 3 Ellie Hobbs 35 Emma-Jane Orchard 89 Anna Pleasance 104 Hollie Harmer 80
Female 4 Sophie Voller 39 Michelle Edgell 136 Helen Cooke 116 Laura Royle 86
Total 128 411 447 475
Rank 1 2 3 4

The full list of prize winners is as follows:

Prizes Position Time Name Club
SM1 1 00:21:58 Jed Bartlett Clevedon AC
SM2 2 00:22:24 Oli Beale Westbury Harriers
SM3 3 00:22:43 Sam Tabberner PAC-Tri
MV35 8 00:24:10 Simon Marchant Southville Running Club
MV45 13 00:24:34 Richard Noble Westbury Harriers
MV55 22 00:25:54 Ken Ham Westbury Harriers
MV65 54 00:30:18 Simon Bowen U/A
Prizes Position Time Name Club
SF1 10 00:24:22 Hannah Hobbs Westbury Harriers
SF2 25 00:00:00 Katie Hughes Westbury Harriers
SF3 35 00:27:22 Ellie Hobbs Westbury Harriers
FV35 39 00:27:33 Sophie Voller Westbury Harriers
FV45 43 00:28:13 Jane Colman Bristol and West AC
FV55 117 00:37:24 Anna Thomas Emersons Green Running Club
FV65 125 00:38:22 Helen Kershaw Westbury Harriers

The race wouldn’t take place without a large team of volunteers helping to organise the race in advance and on the night. Thank you all.

The results can be found here.

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