Weekly News – Sunday 27th June

Sunday 27th June

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News

Editor’s Piece

I’m back from my first real race, with real people, a real route and an actual start and finish line. I was running the Lacock Half Marathon and it was all quite a novelty as it’s been well over a year since my last ‘proper’ race. Although there’s still no mass starts, instead we were set off in waves, it was great to be out on a route with other runners. I was even lucky enough to find somebody going at my pace for the final lap who I could latch on to. I allowed him to drag me around for 4 miles, then overtook him on the finishing straight. I know, not very sporting of me at all!

The event was held by Relish Running and was very well organised so I would certainly recommend giving their future events a try. 

Club Kit Sales

With some ‘real’ races on the cards what better excuse do you have for some new club kit so it’s quite handy Katie is arranging a club kit sale. 

Club Vests and Hoodies will be available to buy at Coombe Dingle Training on Thursday 8th July from 6.30 to 7.30. 

Prices are as follows: Adult Vests £15, Kids Vests £12, Adult Hoodies £20, Kids Hoodies £16. We can accept cash (exact amount), cheques or bank transfers (details available on request). 

If you are unable to make this date and need a vest or hoodie please get in touch with Tamsin Chick (manager.women@westburyharriers.co.uk) or Katie Hughes (WH Facebook Page).

Club Intervals- Just that bit longer than last week

The next interval session at Coombe Dingle will comprise 6 sets of 2mins (1min recovery) 1min (1min recovery). Tamsin will also be watching out for anybody walking in the recoveries, you’ve been warned!

Facebook 5km Relay

Quick recap below of the runners so far. Next up is Caroline Jones who does an amazing job of running the academy group, I’m looking forward to reading your running biography.

Runners so far include, Tamsin, Hannah McAlpine, Anne Lovell, Mark Andrews, Kate Wills, Jenny Godden, Ewan Cameron, Clair Cusack, Linda Phillips, Marilyn Palmer, Jane Derham, Alex Hamblin, Ben Rawlins, Mike Mewse, Anthony Glover, Dan Summers, Scott Campbell, Chris Palmer, Vicky Tester, Rhi Paton, Robyn Ellis, Dara Goodluck, Jayne Pemble, Kate Howard, Rosie Hamilton-James, Emily Whitaker, Ewan Paton, Richard Hughes, Sandra Sforza, Ken Lovell, Anneke Bull, Colin Johnson, Chris Beck, Trish Robson, Izzy Povey, Robin Phillips, Carol Fee , Eithne Noonan , Kay Ridgwell, Tim Carr, Paul Gladding, Fiona Leahy Lithander, Carolyn Dent ,Sarah Andrews, Elaine Barley, Liz Lovelock, Steve Emery , Alistair Blackwood, Gary Dickens, Svetlana Jones, Abi Hall and Dawni Stygall, Emma Rossiter, Rhona Beynon, Caroline Bull, Mike Hurst, Laura Pankhurst, Louise Pretty, Geraint Torrington, James Bardwell and Rosalind White

Bitton 5k Race 1 – Cancelled

I’m afraid to report that the first Bitton 5k race in the series has been cancelled due to ‘Freedom Day’ being postponed. I’m not sure if the other races in the series are still on, I guess it depends on Covid-19 restrictions near the time. Either way, further races in the series are all subject to confirmation but I will provide you with details as soon as I have them. 

Cotswold Way Challenge

I hope you’re all undertaking or planning your recce’s in readiness for the race on Saturday 3rd July.  By the look on Trish’s face I bet she’s hoping she doesn’t encounter any gigantic bovine on race day! Trish and Alison pictured below.


Westbury Wipeout Volunteers

Just another reminder that the Wipeout is being held on Monday 5th July and lot’s of eager volunteers are needed. If you’ve not yet put your name down on the list let me know via this e-mail or respond to Kay’s facebook postings.

Interview Promoting the VI/Blind Bristol 10k Challenge

Check out the RNIB connect radio interview with Chris Blackabee and Colin Johnson promoting running for blind/VI people.  And also promoting the first ever VI/Blind 10k challenge race in Bristol on 19th September. https://tinyurl.com/6v9389xy


Well done to Carol Fee and Paul Gladding (pictured with Stephen Skidmore) who had a great day (and night) running the Cotswold Way Challenge, a 100km ultra event with over 7,000 ft of climbing.


Well done to Ellie Leather for qualifying in the 1500m British Championships/Olympic trials this weekend.

And a big shout out to Peter Norman, Michelle Bower, Richard Hughes, Kate, Alex Hamblin, Heidi Andrews, George David, and me for running either the half or 10k at Lacock NT village today. Hopefully results will be out soon.

Strava Segment of the Week

Well done to Chris Lowe on his off-road run taking in Crook Peak and Wavering Down.  On this very hilly run Chris managed to take home a 7th place cup on Stave segment Wavering DOWN in a time of 7:36

Diary Dates

Saturday 3rd July Cotswold Relay

Monday 5th July Westbury Wipeout https://www.runbritain.com/entries/EnterRace.aspx?evid=78b406c85955&erid=7abe0ecc596d

Wednesday 4th August 19:30: Bitton Road Runners 5k Series. We are pleased to announce that the 5K series will return this year. All races start at 19:30 from Bitton Railway Station. Other dates include 1st Sept. All dates subject to confirmation

Wednesday 28th July, 25th August and 29th September: Bristol and West SW PB 5k Series.

Monday 23rd August. Memorial run for St Peter’s Hospice

Sunday 29th August Severn Bridge 10k and Half. https://sites.google.com/site/severnbridgehalfmarathon/home

Sunday 12th September Wye Valley Tunnel Run 5 and 10km. https://www.relishrunningraces.com/wye-valley-tunnel-run.php?fbclid=IwAR15xzqxYHOXIhLR98_6yBofM2zYcRIr2BUdCdfoFQRYuw6qIFqvSD74mq0

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer and can be contacted via communication@westburyharriers.co.uk