Weekly News- Sunday 20th December

Sunday 20th December

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News

Editor’s Piece

Not long to the big day now! Of course there’s still plenty going on and we have a number of group runs taking place next week, some during the day as well as evenings. Just check Runtogether for details.

Did you get your treasure hunt entry in today? If not you have until midnight. I did mine and managed to find all the somethings, although I did struggle with the snowflake. I almost gave up and was about to talking a photo of a youngster who epitomised the snowflake generation, then spotted a snowflake stuck to a shop window!

Expense Claims

Judy has requested that if you have any outstanding expense claims you submit them as soon as possible. Ideally she would like to have all claims in before the end of this calendar year. Expense form can be found to download from the WH website and should be emailed to Judy at treasurer@westburyharriers.co.uk

Link to claim form: https://westburyharriers.co.uk/resources/

Thank You

Just a big thank you to everybody that has contributed, supported, volunteered and trained with the club this year. That includes run leaders, coaches, committee members, anybody really who has done their bit for the club. 2020 has not been an easy year but it is great the club has been able to continue training, even under some tough restrictions.

Christmas Special Treasure Hunt

Last chance to get you treasure hunt ‘somethings’, film and song submitted before the deadline which is midnight tonight.

You need to guess the Christmas song/carol and film and then find the following somethings, including: a nativity scene, a Xmas tree, Mistletoe, Holly, A Robin, Christmas lights, Santa, a reindeer, now flake and a seasonal selfie. 

In next week’s newsletter Sarah and I will be pleased to announce the winner of the Up and Running vouchers.

Masters 10K

For those more experienced runners in the club (over 35) we have a virtual 10k organised by the British Masters Athletics Federation (BMAF). It takes place on a date of your choosing in the period 27-31 December and all you need to do is run a 10k, track, trail or road route which can be out and back or circular in nature. If you’re a BMAF area member it is free but only £1 if you enter as Westbury Harriers (this is to cover admin costs). Under the start list we have a few names I recognise from the club, including one under Team Braveheart! Entry via the Open Track site.


Club Interval Suggestion

It may be almost Christmas but that’s no excuse for missing out on the weekly interval session. Because you will be eating your way through boxes of Quality Street, mince pies, cake, etc you’re going to need to burn off a few extra calories.  For that reason Vicky has given us some hills to do! 10 x 1 minute hill repetitions (doesn’t matter if a bit longer but no more than 90 seconds). Use the down hill as a jog recovery.

Runtogther app and Website

It may be approaching Christmas but there are still a few group runs and interval sessions taking place next week. Just check the runtogether website or app for details. https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/WestburyHarriersRunningClub/Runs

Strava Results of the Week

Well done to Tim Synge who ran the Indian Queens Half Marathon, near Newquay today. He achieved a second fastest time on Strava segment Spring 4 Chips in 2:52 but the real kudos must go to completing a tough event, with lots of hills in a time of 1:53.

Diary Dates

January 2021 – Virtual Rollick Although we are disappointed not to be holding our typical Riverbank Rollick in January 2021, Thornbury Running Club are delighted to be holding the inaugural ‘Virtual Rollick’. To make sure that the spirit of the infamous ‘Rollick’ is not lost, we expect at least half of your run to be off-road and to involve an acceptable level of mud wind and water.

To enter please go to Race Nation:


Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer and can be contacted via communciation@westburyharriers.co.uk