Weekly News- Sunday 19th July

Sunday 19th July

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News

Editor’s Piece

I was back training with the club last Thursday for the first interval session at Coombe Dingle. It was great to be running in a group again but probably still some way off before I will be able to run my first ‘non-virtual’ race.

Monday Training

There continues to be informal training sessions, on a Monday, just check  Facebook. This week we also have Oli leading a group 1/2 run through Blaise but do let the organiser of any run know you are attending so they can manage numbers.

Treasure Hunt 

This week we have Richard Hughes as our winner. Not only did he shoe horn in the photo of a bike stand in again! (the album was Sheffield Steel by Joe Cocker – guessed correctly by Sarah Andrews) but he was inventive with some of his other ‘somethings’. Although I did hear he struggled to find a convertible car!

And a reminder of last week’s ’somethings’. Theme was guess the album title.

  • Something brown
  • Something beginning with G
  • A leaf
  • A uniform
  • A cylinder
  • A water fountain
  • A convertible

Your treasure hunt something’s for this week are below: The theme is guess the book title

  • A post box
  • Something grey
  • Something beginning with D
  • A local piece of history
  • A rainbow
  • An animal
  • Somewhere you can lock up a bike
Interval Session – One, Two Three, Let’s go!

Even if you’re unable to make training on a Thursday at Coombe Dingle that’s no excuse for not doing the efforts! This week we will be doing 1,2,3,2,1 x 2 with half time recoveries and 2 mins between sets.
Any queries drop me a message or email the coaches on senior.coaches@westburyharriers.co.uk. Please remember to warm up before you start your session and to do a cool down jog and stretch afterwards.
Remember…… all training must follow current government guidelines.


England Athletics Virtual 5k Road Running Championship and ISO Challenge

Last week’s ISO challenge had Chris Newby taking first place with a handicap score of 92.73 points and winning a bottle of wine. Only a few points behind we had Mike Mewse (V65) in a very impressive time of 20:48. In third place Steve Puetz was once gain flying along with a run time of 17:38 and 88.47 points. First place female was Claire O’Connor, who also takes home a bottle of wine as a prize.

During Alex’s ISO challenge we also had the EA 5K championships taking place. Results round-up below provided by Ewan Paton.

Well done to all those who ran in the England Athletics Virtual 5K Championships at the weekend. Lockdown fatigue and injuries may explain the slightly lower than expected Westbury turnout, but there were still some excellent runs.
Alex Hamblin (265th, 17:09) was our highest finisher overall, with Lucy Richens (13th VW40, 19:30) the top Westbury woman. The ageless yet somehow now VM65 Mike Mewse was our top age category finisher (11th) with a very strong 20:45, tied on the finish line with Alastair Blackwood and just pipping once again his close lockdown challenge rival Alex Miller (20:53). There was great “virtual packing” from our U17M trio Oliver Shrewsbury, Tom Reed and Tom Peaston (26th, 27th and 28th in their category). If there had been age category team medals, they’d have won some.
There were 1773 “finishers” overall, with almost all of the top 25 men coming in at under 15 minutes. The overall winner was Frank Baddick of Newham & Essex Beagles AC (what good runners have they ever produced, eh?) in a mere 13:43, of which even his Mo-re famous club mate might have been proud. Dani Chattenton (Milton Keynes) was the top female finisher, 37th overall and achieved the highest “%WR” grading of all (96.94%) with a lightning 15:14.

Full Westbury results below:
Alex Hamblin SM 17:00.
Steve Puetz VM40 17:37 (50th VM40).
Oliver Shrewsbury U17M 18:29.
Tom Reed U17M 18:40.
Ewan Paton VM45 18:48.
Tom Peaston U17M 19:15.
Lucy Richens VW40 19:30 (13th VW40).
Mike Mewse VM65 20:45 (11th VM65).
Alastair Blackwood SM 20:45.
Alex Miller VM45 20:53.
Geraint Torrington VM45 23:03.
Clare O’Connell SW 26:08.

Interval Training at Coombe Dingle

Last Thursday some of us took part in the first Interval Session at Coombe Dingle Sports Centre. Although COVID-19 restrictions did mean a slight change to the setup it was still a very effective session with a good mixture of training and social (from a distance) interaction. A few photo’s below of the training ‘pods’ and ‘bubbles’. Thanks to Katie for taking the photos (and timings).

Coombe Dingle is booked for a club group session again this Thursday. If you are interested please let us know via the Facebook posting or e-mail senior.coaches@westburyharriers.co.uk.

Strava Results of the Week

Although Dawni Stygall titled her run ‘Steady Trails’ it couldn’t have been that steady to achieve a third place cup on the Strava segment called ‘Temphill’ in a time of 3:23. This is the short downhill track that runs parallel to Stoke Lodge Playing Field. Well done Dawni.

Diary Dates

20th-26th July. Weekly Interval Suggestion. This weeks intervals are 1, 2, 3

23rd May -26th July. Bristol and West Virtual Challenge. Event 4 (13-26 July) Surprise finale.

Saturday 21st November. Club Awards Night. Westbury Village Hall.

Further (non-virtual) events have been removed until further notice, pending outcome of Coronavirus.

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer