Weekly News – Monday 20th April 2020


There are some good reminders from England Athletics on the guidelines for our daily exercise allowance. Link provided: England Athletics Guidance Link
A useful COVID-19 Running Etiquette video is also available via YouTube and is defiantly worth a look. See link: YouTube Link
Stay safe.

Club Person Profile: Eithne, Vet Ladies Manager

Q. My first question for you Eithne, what made you join Westbury Harriers?
A. A chance encounter while walking in Blaise one day, I met a lady who said I should be running!!! She said she was a 55yr old smoker who ran cross country for Westbury Harriers. I have since discovered this was the legendary Maureen Coffee. I had completed the 5k Race for Life a few times and had thought about doing a half marathon for St Peter’s Hospice so two days later I turned up at the club house in Blaise. This was 2007 and the rest as they say is history.

Q. Why did you take on the role of vet ladies manager?
A. Tamsin was managing all the ladies events single handed and requested assistance. I’d been involved in various voluntary roles since I was a teenager and understood how demanding it can sometimes be so offered my services in order to share the load. Tamsin has always been a great support for me especially when I’m looking for younger vet runners.
As well as vet manager, I’m also a Run Leader and regularly lead or assist with Group 5. I’m also involved in running the Club Championship.

Q. What do you enjoy most as vet manager?
A. I enjoy encouraging and bringing the vet teams into competition and seeing the many successes over the years, both at county level and national masters races. Our most successful race to date was the Masters XC Championships at Bath University 2016. All teams won medals – V35 gold, V45 bronze, V55 gold.   

Photo: The winning teams at the Masters XC Championships at Bath University 2016.

Q. Why do you keep running with the club?
A. I feel that Westbury Harriers is a very friendly and inclusive club. Everyone is interested in the achievements of others regardless of ability. There is a great feeling of camaraderie and belonging.
I feel that I have achieved so much since joining the club. I’ve taken part in all sorts of events from 5k to marathon, road races, trails and cross country. Amongst the many trophies and medals, I’m proud to have won 5 national masters medals as part of vets relay teams and 7 county medals – 5 as part of vets relay teams, one for 1st V55 Avon XC championships 2011 and one for 1st V60 Avon 10k championships 2018. Life can truly begin at 50! I feel very proud when I wear my Westbury vest.

Photo: Eithne running for V60 victory at the Hogweed Trot and Avon County Championship 10k 2018

Q. What is your favourite discipline and distance?
A. My favourite these days is 10k off road. I love the variety and sometimes awesome scenery like the Rowberrow Romp and Wye Valley Wander. I also like doing Parkrun’s and try to find the nearest one wherever I go. 

Q. And your favourite event?
A. It’s got to be the Cotswold Relay because of the wonderful scenery and fantastic atmosphere. Kay and I have carried out the recces of our routes together each year and hope to complete the final two legs this year – even if the race itself gets cancelled. We will then have run the entire Cotswold Way together!


You should all have received an e-mail providing details of the the AGM (via Zoom) which is to be held tomorrow,  Monday 20th April 2020, starting at 6.30 p.m. promptly.

Westbury Harriers Virtual Quiz

The Westbury Harriers quiz took place last week using Zoom and there were 5 rounds of questions and a picture quiz to solve. The questions included Food and Drink, Olympic Games, Music, History, and Kids TV.
It all worked very well with Lizzy acting as quiz host and Mike collating the scores. Even though we were all in different physical locations through the magic of technology we could send private messages to each other and have separate ‘break-out’ sessions with our team mates to discuss answers. And, from what I could tell, I couldn’t see anybody taking a sneaky peak of their phone to google answers!

And the results….
In third place we had Team GT, Geraint family. Although, as Geraint tells us, he was let down by his family and had to answer most of the questions by himself!
In second place it was the Nobles with Richard, Maria and Aidan
And the winners…. Distance Appropriate Coombe Raiders, also known as Erik, Fiona, Richard and Valarie.

Strava Results of the Week

Well done to Rebecca H who ran a local loop, running down Falcondale and up Parry’s. She ran the Elmlea Loop 1 segment with a Personal Record achieved in a time of 45 seconds. Good running.
It seems every time Katie H goes out for a run she picks up course record crowns (even on recovery runs) so it was only a matter a time before she was mentioned here. So, while out doing some intervals around Stoke Lodge Playing Field she picked up a crown on the imaginatively titled ‘Mayor Marv’s Fence is not a Structure’ segment in a time of 2:50. Katie, pictured below, alongside the fastest dog in Bristol!

Surely, if new to Strava there should be a probation period before you can start collecting crowns! Fortunately this is not a rule currently in place otherwise Tamsin would not have acquired the segment ‘Northover Road – East’ in a time of 2:14. The CR for the men is held by our own Tom in a time of 1:44.

Interesting Fact of the Week

Male runners are more likely to produce daughters than men who don’t run at all. (Personally I would take this fact with a large pinch of salt!)
Source: society.com

Diary Dates

AGM. Monday 20th April 2020, starting at 6.30 p.m using Zoom.

Other events have been removed until further notice, pending outcome of Coronavirus.