Weekly News – Monday 13th April 2020


When out running it is important to keep socially distanced but many runners are leaping out into the road to avoid pedestrians. Please only step out into the road if it is safe to do so by checking traffic first. The chances of survival are significantly less after being run over than Covid19 infection.
Stay safe.


You should all have received an e-mail providing details of the AGM which is to be held on on Monday 20th April 2020, starting at 6.30 p.m. promptly. Due to COVID-19, the AGM will be held remotely by video conferencing using Zoom.
Full details for the meeting, including how to join the meeting, will be sent by email nearer the date. There are Committee posts which need filling and your support and input into the direction of the Club is vital.
If you wish to raise any issues at the AGM, in the circumstance, we ask that you submit these by no later than 5 p.m. on 17th April 2020 by email to secretary@westburyharriers.co.uk


We have not one, but two birthdays celebrated over the Easter weekend. Congratulations to both Vicky and Svetlana who celebrated their birthdays on Saturday and Sunday, respectively. And both looking as young as ever. I hope, even under lock-down, you had enjoyable days, and the weather was great for you. Once this is all over I’ll have to buy you a belated birthday drink or two!

Vicky, in action at the Women 6 stage relay, Birmingham 2012.

Come on Svetlana, it’s only a bit of water!

Virtual National Road Relay Championships.

Many thanks to Chris P for submitting the team and to Scott for the race write-up, which is below. We had a variety of routes used with the Portway being the most popular. We also had some circular options with Ewan running laps of the Downs and Alex running around Aztec West.

It was great to be able to compete in the road relays – a nice light relief from the current circumstances. The rules were simple – run a 5k (not downhill*), upload, and the quickest 12 runners count for men’s team.
I’m pleased to say that our team came 84th out of 118 teams in a time of 3:39:14 consisting of Oli (leading us home with an excellent time), Alex H, Tom, Chris P (thanks for posting and entering the team), Scott, Robin, Tim, Steve, Ewan, Colin, Alastair and Ian. Leeds won in a time of 2:57:08.
The Vets team (6 counters) came an impressive 27th out of 82 teams (consisting of Oli, Chris, Robin, Ewan, Colin and Ian). In addition, there were a number of youngsters (Josh, Tom R, Oliver and Tom P) who put in some great runs but were unable to count towards the team standings unfortunately.
On the results there was also an age graded table, taking into account age and sex. We finished with an overall 78.42% grading (70th out of 147) with the team consisting of Oli, Katie H, Rosie H-J, Chris P, Colin, Tom, Ewan, Robin, Vicky, Rhiannon, Sarah and Alex H.
Full results for all 18 male runners were: Oli 16:03, Alex H 17:11, Tom 17:18, Chris P 17:38, Josh 18:02, Scott 18:22, Tom 18:28, Robin 18:35, Tim 18:40, Steve 18:43, Ewan 18:58, Colin 19:06, Oliver 19:08, Alastair 19:13, Ian 19:27, Thomas 20:10, Alex M 20:48, Mark 21:22, Geraint 22:27.

Did the women have enough entries for a team? If so, perhaps somebody could let me know the results for next week?

*Scott, the individual feels suitably admonished!

And an update to the Gwent League Women’s results from Tamsin.
The Gwent League has shown a huge increase in female participants and club teams over the last few years. The first fixture at Cardiff in October 2019 had 388 finishers and there are regularly over 300 ladies at each fixture. Compare this to four or five years ago when there would be on average around 150 ladies. This is a big difference and has made the league more competitive. 46 Westbury Harriers ladies took part in the Gwent League this season, many thanks to you all.
Whether you did one fixture or all them it has all helped and I hope you enjoyed it. Whilst we did not see the same success as the previous few seasons the participation, enthusiasm and general atmosphere was as good as ever. We finished 3rd overall in division 1. Which, with a number of our A team ladies being out this season, was impressive. Our B team finished 3rd in the reserve division, C team 13th, D team 22nd and E team 40th. This is fantastic bearing in mind the number of teams that take part. The V35 and V65 retained their category first places this year. With the V45 6th and V55 4th. Our V35 B team was 17th, V35 C team 31st, V45 B team 17th, V55 B team 11th and V65 B team 9th.
It was a shame the last fixture did not go ahead as we were set to move up position wise both as teams and individually. Well done to Shirley 1st V65, Marilyn 5th V65, Judy 9th V55, Alison 11th V35 and Tamsin 15th V35. Also, congratulations to Alison, Tamsin, Abi, Judy, Shirley, Linda, Eithne and Kay who ran all four fixtures.

Victoria S tells me she ran the ‘Stoke Bishop Socially Distanced 10K’ on her own, in place of Frenchay (postponed to September). This meant a lot to Victoria because it’s her first 10K since their son was born last August.
She goes on to say, ‘I started running again when he was 3 months old. I did strength training / walking first, then couch to 5K and I made it round a Parkrun on New Years’ day in about 33 minutes. My physio warned me not to expect huge running improvements while still breastfeeding / regularly getting woken up at night. I ran my 10K today in just under 59 minutes. Although this is a long way off my PB, I don’t think I’ve been happier with a race result.
Unfortunately there isn’t a mug for completing the Stoke Bishop Socially Distanced 10K, but my husband did make me a medal (randomly out of a bin liner) and he and our son were both there cheering at the finish, aka the end of Reedley Road (attached). I rather enjoyed racing a very short walk from my front door – no loo queue, no need to worry about parking or kit storage and excellent post-race shower facilities! Next up – Bristol Half’.

Well done Victoria. It is especially challenging to run competitively on your own, as having fellow runners around helps with pacing and motivation. I’m sure we also miss the crowds of supporters on the finishing straight, they always provide a boost. An impressive result and hopefully I’ll see you at the Frenchay 10k when things return to normal.

Victoria photographed below.

And our Strava results of the week go to….
Catherine. Probably a segment not to do a night and you’ll guess why be the name, ‘Graveyard Dash’. Hopefully you didn’t crash into the kissing gate at the end when you took 4th place overall in a time of 1:18. The crown is held by Bridget Belfourd in 1:12 but can you shave off a few seconds to steal it from her?
Bryn was on a run that he appropriately called, Segment Hunting. A lot of you who do the Thursday interval sessions will be familiar with this one as it’s the segment crown that Bryn now holds on Glenavon Park Loop, time 1:35. And, if a crown is not enough, he also took 2nd place Glenavon Park Hill in 18s on the same day!
It’s time I grabbed myself a crown. Perhaps I’ll have another crack at Canford Loop, so watch out Dan S, whoever you are!

Interesting Fact of the Week  

This is what 1 mile looks like in Steve’s garden! This was just for fun but hopefully something that won’t become a necessity!

Diary Dates

AGM. Monday 20th April 2020, starting at 6.30 p.m using Zoom.

Other events have been removed until further notice, pending outcome of Coronavirus.