Weekly News – Monday 10th February 2020

Thursday Interval Session

I’m not sure what we’ll be doing on Thursday as it is very much weather dependent. So, I’m giving you both options here and you’ll be informed via Facebook nearer the time if it is road or grass based action.

Grass. Pyramid session of 30 secs/ 1 min/ 2 mins/ 3 mins/ 4 mins/ 3 mins / 2 mins 1 mins and 30 secs. Optional extra 4 mins. Half time recoveries and 2 mins recovery for those doing the optional extra.
Road (Woodland Grove). A pyramid session of 1 loop, 2 loops, 2 loops and 1 loop. Recovery is 90 secs after 1st loop, 2 1/2 mins after 2 loops.
Marathon Training. Just a brief reminder that Saturday is the marathon training session, running from Bristol to Bath along the cycle path.

Member of the Month

Anthony is our senior winner this month. He won because of his impressive running in the Gloucester Half Marathon, crossing the finishing line in 1:23:58 and achieving first place V55. A few weeks later he then took part in the Longleat 10K achieving another category win. Anthony also trains regularly with the club and can be found doing both the Monday and Thursday night training sessions. Anthony, pictured below:

Dara is our junior winner. Dara is a newish member to the club, running at the Blaise Castle Gwent League, completing the U17 team and finishing strongly. She also qualified for the South West Schools’ Cross Country and I’m told is a lovely addition to the team.

Club Championships

With only four more events to go Judy has reminded me it is probably worth providing a results update. 

For the women we have Kay in first place, who also has the highest score. Surely, with only a few more events left nobody can get close? There may be more of a battle between Eithne and Judy, and as Judy is our current champion it is best to keep an eye on her!
For the men, Ian had been in pole position for quite some time, but it seems he has finally been overtaken by his nemesis, Ewan. He also needs to watch out as our current club champion (all hail the great one, Trevor) is not far behind either! With only a few events left it’s going to be quite a battle!

So, with this current club championship season coming to a close don’t forget to update your results.

Kay 324 Ewan 323
Eithne 258 Ian 307
Judy 233 Trevor 293
Sophie 120 Tim 282
Tamsin 119 Alastair 212
Ann 93 Robin 184
Laura 80 Oli 170
Jennifer 59 Mike 167
Katie 50 Richard 152
Linda 40 Alex 118

Firstly, well done to everybody who ran at Chepstow racecourse in the Gwent League. I bet we’re all glad it was not held on a Sunday! I won’t go into details because they will be covered by a separate report. I will say well done to Lucy and Vicky who both finished high up in rankings. Also, well done to Alex, the first Westbury senior to cross the finish line. And a welcome return for Scott who seems to be running as strongly as ever.

Some impressive running by Nigel. Nigel took part in the South West Veterans AC Cross Country in Sidmouth, coming third overall and 1st place in the over 65 category. 

Interesting Running Fact of the Week

During a 10-mile run, feet strike the ground around 15,000 times, at a force of three to four times the body’s weight.
Source Factretriever.

Diary Dates

Saturday 15th to Sunday 16th February. Welsh Coast Path ‘Good Bye to Anglesey’.
Sunday 16th February. Cardiff 20/20. A 10 miler or 20 miler race. Good for marathon preparation.
Monday 17th February. Club Supper night after training. Vegetarian and meat chilli options.
Saturday 22nd February. English National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham (juniors/seniors).
Saturday 21st March. Midland 6/12 Stage Road Relays, Sutton Park.
Saturday 4th April. National 6/12 Stage, Sutton Park.
Monday 20th April. AGM, Coombe Dingle after training.
Saturday 16th May. Masters Road Relays, Sutton Park (Over 35’s).
Saturday 4th July. Cotswold Way Relay.

Club Championship Events

Sunday 23rd February. River Avon Trail 10k A stunning off-road, multi terrain course which will incorporate thrilling trails, open countryside and woodlands.
River Avon 10k Link
Sunday 1st March 2020. Gwent League Event: Singleton Park, Swansea.
Sunday 15th March. San Domenico 20 miler.
Sunday 29th March. Forest of Dean Half Marathon.