Weekly News

Eastville Park parkrun Takeover. Volunteers are still needed to help with he parkrun on Saturday June 15th. It is requested that parkrunners who are volunteering send their barcode to the e-mail below. If you’ve not run parkruns before and are just volunteering then it is not required. volunteers@westburyharriers.co.uk

Bank Holiday Monday. It’s a Bank Holiday today so no club training this evening. How about coming along and cheering on Westbury runners at the Hogweed Trot instead? Race starts at 7pm from Yate Town Football Club (BS37 7LE).

Blaise Blazer. This club championship event takes place on Monday 3rd June so just a reminder that there will be no adult training. I’m afraid all the places for the race have sold out but there are plenty of volunteering options available, just let Carol Fee know your details. If you offer to volunteer you will get 10 club championship points. 

Club Championship Rules. A few club members have asked me about the club championship, so here’s a quick summary. Obviously you need to be a member,  compete as a WH runner and wear your club top. You also need to be over 18 at the start of the championship year.

You can compete in as many club championship events as you like and your best placings will be scored, up to a maximum of 10 events. The scoring is as follows. First place scores a maximum of 30 points, 2nd place 29 points, down to 11 points for 20th after which everyone will receive 10 points each. There are also additional points available for volunteering. Both the Westbury Wipeout , Westbury Gwent and Blaise Blazer are events we encourage people to volunteer for, so you will get 10 extra points per event.

Therefore, in theory, if you competed in 11 events and achieved first place in ten of them you would score the maximum points, ie. 300. If you then volunteered in both the Blaise Blazer and Westbury Wipeout that would be an additional 20 points, total score 320.

Some people take it far too seriously (not me!) and take a tactical approach to the championship season. The Bristol 10K is a champ event but with over 60 club members taking part achieving first place is unlikely (unless you process some Kipchoge genes). If, on the other hand, you take part in a mid-week event during the summer, with fewer Westbury runners, your chance of a high finishing position increases (hence more points).

The championship season has already started with a few races, the first of which was The Hanham Horror (April 2019) and the last race is in March 2020. Some dates are still to be released but as new events are created they’ll be added to the championship events section below. They’re also published in the events section of the Westbury Harrier Facebook page and all events are listed on the Club Champ page within the Westbury Harrier website.

Points only score if an individual adds their placing to the results section of the Westbury Harrier website.  Please add you results to the website shortly after the event. If you leave it until March it  creates additional effort for the Club Championship committee who have to tally up the scores. It also spoils it for others who enjoy seeing their progress throughout the year.

I encourage you to try at least a handful of events. They’re a good excuse to run in different areas, meet up with fellow Harriers’ and try different running disciplines. For example I’ve really enjoyed the trail events, slogging up hills in the mud, rain and wind. Who would have guessed it? 

You don’t need to win outright for the chance of a prize. Up and Running vouchers are awarded for many runner-up places and awards are available for different age categories.

So give it a try, perhaps you could be the next Club Champion?

Photo: Current champions, Trevor Fitsall and Judy Knight. Don’t forget to bow/curtsey the next time you see them!


It was the Edinburgh Marathon yesterday and our very own Sandra Sforza, Paul Gladding and Jane Goodwin took part. I hope you all enjoyed it. Now rest and recover.

We also have the Hogweed Trot taking place this afternoon. Over 20 runners from the club are taking part so expect to see a lot of white and blue vests charging up and down the lanes near Yate. If you’re not running, do think about coming along to support.

Fact of the Week. The world 10k race walk records are 37:11 for Roman Rasskazov and 41:04 for Yelena Kiklayeve, both from Russia. Interesting fact contributed by Mark Andrews.

Definition of race walk: Athletes must always keep in contact with the ground and the supporting leg must remain straight until the raised leg passes it.

Diary Dates 

Friday 31st May 10k Towpath Series 19:30 followed by post-race drinks/food in the The Cottage Inn, Baltic Wharf)  Towpath Link

Saturday 15th June. Eastville parkrun WH volunteer take over. parkrun link

Saturday 27th July Fast 5000’s. https://www.entrycentral.com/Fast5000s

Sunday 25th August Severn Bridge Half Marathon (& 10k) severnbridgehalfmarathon.com

Championship Events

Monday 3rd June. Blaise Blazer. Blaise Blazer SOLD OUT!

Sunday 16th June. Cheddar Gorge Challenge 10K.  There’s a whole weekend festival of running taking place but the championship event is the 10k on the Sunday.

Thursday 20th June. Rowberry Romp. Rowberry Romp Link

Thursday 4th July Tintern Trot. Tintern Trot Link

Wednesday 10th July. Bitton 5K. Bitton 5k Link  

Friday 19th July. 10k Towpath Inter-Club Mob Match.  GWR Towpath Link

Friday 9th August. 5k Towpath Series. GWR Towpath Link

Sunday 11th August Standish Woodland Chase. https://www.stroudac.co.uk/StandishWoodlandChase

Wednesday 21st August Crook Peak Cake Race. This race is held every year on the  Crook Peak Link. Entry is on the day.

Sunday 1st September Ross on Wye 5K. http://www.ross10k.co.uk/register.asp

New Club Champ Event!!!!!

Sunday 15th September The Simplyhealth Great Bristol Half Marathon. This event, like the 10k version is always part of the club championship calendar. Very popular with Westbury runners, so I can guarantee there will be a few faces you recognise amongst the many runners taking part.

We also offer discounted club entires with 20% off the normal price. Carol Fee will provide details of how to enter via the club scheme shortly. Instructions will be published on facebook and in this weekly newsletter.