Weekly News

Member of the Month.  Congratulations to Anneke Bull. Anneke has been an absolute inspiration, battling illness, being positive and carrying on running. She is also hard working in a wide range of club activities and a popular member of the club. Good luck to her and Caroline, (her daughter) who will both my running the London Marathon.

Awards Night. A big thank you to everybody who attended Saturday evenings awards night. It was great to see so many in attendance. If you’ve not been to an awards evening before do think about attending next year. It’s a fantastic opportunity to celebrate everyones achievements.

Special mention must go to Alison Rogers, Eithne Noonan, Maria Eriksson Hobbs, Jayne Pemble, Katie Hughes and Tamsin Elson Chick for organising the entire night. Once again Geraint Torrington did a fantastic job organising the trophies (assisted by Megan, Miranda and Bella), setting up the intro video and hosting the evening with style, humour and charisma. There were a lot of awards to present and not once did Geraint falter. Pat Gallagher did a wonderful job as guest of honour, with James Murphy providing support. Neil Miller, as official photographer/ paparazzi was there to get shots of all the award winners. We then had Mike Hopkins, Lizzy Smith, Marilyn Palmer setting up and on front door Sandra Bailey-Gard collecting entrance money. I apologise if I’ve missed anybody, but everybody’s help was gratefully received.

Any feedback about the evening and ideas to improve can be sent to Tamsin via Facebook or manager.women@westburyharriers.co.uk

Vacant Posts. 

Volunteer Coordinator. We need one more person to act as a volunteer coordinator. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone as you will also be joining Kay and Carol in this role.

Website Manager. Somebody who has some IT knowledge and could manage the website. 

Reception Assistant. It would be fantastic if we could have somebody to support Emma in her role. If interested contact reception@westburyharriers.co.uk

Eastville parkrun – Westbury Harriers Volunteer Takeover. On Saturday June 15th Westbury Harriers are going to take over all the volunteering positions as a thank you and to help promote the club and entice new members. 20 volunteers are needed on the day so please come along. If you could where Westbury vests, hoodies, etc on the day that would be great.  Contact Eithne at vet.women@westburyharriers.co.uk

Back to Blaise. The clocks have gone forward and spring has sprung. It can only mean one thing, we will soon be back running from Blaise and once again enjoy those off-road runs through the tracks and trails of the estate. So from Monday 29th April, and every Monday then on until Autumn, from 7pm we will start our runs from the Blaise clubhouse.

Clubhouse Cleanup. At 10am on Sunday 14th April volunteers are needed to give the clubhouse a quick clean, ready for our return on the Monday evenings. Remember, we all use it so a little help giving it a clean would be appreciated. Why not make a morning of it and use it as an excuse for a run around Blaise estate afterwards?

Bristol Bridges. Paul Gladding is planning a long run next Saturday. In his own words he tells us ‘I’ve been looking at the 43 Bristol Bridges route for next Saturday. According to MapMyRun the total distance is 26 miles and this fits in with the distance I’m sure I’ve seen before, however the walking website says it’s 33 miles. One way to find out for sure is to run it and that’s what I intend to do next Saturday 13th April starting at 9am from the city side of the suspension bridge. If anyone wants to join me for an easy paced run that will be great. If you want to join me for some of the run I’ll be at the Cumberland Basin around 11.30am which is 13 miles and Pero’s bridge at about 11.45am.

Photo: The Saturday Water Tower Runners. Just out of shot a small child is crying having been forced off the swing. Only kidding, youngster was on the swing within seconds of the photo being taken. Mark Andrew tells us, ‘If you haven’t run on a Saturday Morning before, give it a try. We run at a chatty pace, there are some great trails and paths to run. Usually the group splits at some point with one group running about 13 miles and another about 8. Coffee and cake in the cafe after is a great way to finish the morning!’








Diary Dates 

Sunday 14th April. Clubhouse Cleanup.  Spring clean at 10am

Monday 29th April. Back to Blaise. Monday night runs will commence once again from the clubhouse, 7pm, every Monday. 

Friday 17th May. 18:45 – 22:00 Run Fest: The Series.  The theme is how to strengthen and improve your running.  Nina Peacock will talking about how she progressed from 4 miles a day to a 30 mile ultra. Wayne Buxton will be on hand to advise how to improve your performance and up the distance. Top training tips promised. Claire Callaghan is a local physio and will advise how to avoid injuries. Kate Webb will share experiences of working with Dame Kelly Holmes to run The Orbis Challenge Sport with a Purpose. Finally we have Ira Rainey, an inspirational story, Fat Man to Green Man. Run Fest Link

Saturday 15th June. Eastville parkrun WH volunteer take over. parkrun link

Saturday 29th June. Cotswold Relay. Teams selected.

Championship Events

Sunday 21st April. Hanham Horror. Hanham Horror Link

Sunday 28th April. Horton Bull Run. Horton Bull Run Link

Sunday 5th May. Bristol 10k. 

Tuesday 14th May. Sri Chinmoy.  Sri Chinmoy Link

Monday 27th May. Hogweed Trot. Hogweed Trot Link

Monday 3rd June Blaise Blazer. Blaise Blazer

Sunday 16th June. Chedder Gorge Challenge 10K. 

Thursday 20th June Rowberry Romp. Rowberry Romp Link

Westbury Harriers 2019 Awards. For those not able to attend the Awards Night I’ve included the full listing below. Well done to all the winners.

Gloucester League SX – Novice Girls 3rd Place
Estelle Lowe, Felicity Lowe, Erin Davis, Jasmine Spear, Sophie White, Miranda Rogers, Aoife Joyce, Maddie Hester, Lillia Killourhey, Arisa Burgess

Club Championship Awards – Men
Trevor Fitsall MV40

Alex Hamblin, Ewan Paton, Ian Gawinowski, Richard Noble, Robin Phillips, Tim Carr, Jullian Bailey-Gard, Ian Derrick MV50, Jack Derrick, Mike Mewse MV60

Club Championship Awards – Women 
Judy Knights FV45

Sophie Voller FV35, Clare Eskell, Sandra Williams, Jennifer Stevenson, Eithne Noonan, Linda Phillips, Vicky Tester, Kay Ridgwell, Nicola Derrick, Eithne Noonan

Gwent League Medals
U11 girls
1st Estelle Lowe

U11 1st Team
Estelle Lowe, Felicity Lowe, Erin Davis, Jasmine Spear, Isabelle Hugill, Sophie White

U13 Girls 3rd Team
Clemmie Lee, Laura Chance, Abbie Woodworth, Elen Ruck, Hannah Jones, Corinne Jones, Maeve Robinson, Sophia Bailey

U15 Girls
1st Dalis Jones

U15 Girls
2nd Kate Howard

U15 Girls 2nd Team 
Dalis Jones, Kate Howard, Amelia Honor, Eva Ward, Amelia Chisnall, Tilley Spinney

U15 Boys
1st Seamus Robinson

U15 Boys 1st Team 
Seamus Robinson, Ceredig Jones, Artie Savage-Swaine, Alexander Wilson, Finn Goodhew, Christopher Page

U17 Women
1st  Rosie Hamilton-James 

U17 Women 1st Team
Rosie Hamilton-James, Lottie Livesey, Ellie Hobbs, Rhiannon Paton, Emily Whitaker

U17 Men
1st Abdi Hasan

U17 Men 2nd Team
Abdi Hasan, James Harrod, Greg Hayward , Josh Morland, Johan Hobbs

U20 Men
Ben Rawlins
Aidan Noble

U20 Men 1st Team
Ben Rawlins, Aidan Noble, Jack Derrick, Hugh Tarren

Senior Women Division 1 runners up
Katie Hughes, Kirstie Hamilton-James, Robyn Ellis, Vicky Tester, Tamsin Chick, Sarah Thorne, Emma Woodworth, Alison Osborne, Carol Fee, Lucy Richens, Sophie Voller, Alison Rogers, Elaine Fillis, Michelle Bower,Jayne Pemble, Jeni Stevenson, Maria Hobbs, Nicola Derrick, Sarah Andrews, Helen Sawyer, Judy Knights, Sandra Sorfza, Mel Lowe, Elli Bourdeaux, Eithne Noonan, Svetlana Jones, Isabelle Saunders, Caroline Scapens, Lindsay Hall, Shirley Hume, Pat Gallagher, Marilyn Palmer, Helen Kershaw, Abi Hall, Floren Scarfton, Erin McFadden, Phoebe Gould, Emma Taylor, Catherine Boundry, Caroline Price, Liz Small, Becky Taylor, Hannah Walsh, Ellen Horner, Linda Phillips, Anneke Bull, Hannah Hobbs, Stephanie Rowse.

2nd Katie Hughes
3rd Robyn Elllis

W35 Team 1st
Katie Hughes, Kirstie Hamilton-James, Robyn Ellis, Vicky Tester, Tamsin Chick, Sarah Thorne, Emma Woodworth, Alison Osborne, Carol Fee, Lucy Richens, Sophie Voller, Alison Rogers, Elaine Fillis, Catherine Boundry, Liz Small, Michelle Bower

W45 Team 2nd 
Katie Hughes, Jayne Pemble, Jeni Stevenson, Maria Hobbs, Nicola Derrick, Sarah Andrews, Helen Sawyer, Judy Knights, Sandra Sorfza, Mel Lowe, Elli Bourdeaux, Eithne Noonan, Svetlana Jones, Isabelle Saunders, Caroline Scapens, Lindsay Hall, Clare Eskell,

1st  Shirley Hume
2nd Marilyn Palmer 

W65 Team 1st team
Shirley Hume, Marilyn Palmer, Pat Gallagher, Helen Kershaw

Pat Gallagher

Best Newcomer
Erin McFadden, Charlotte Warren, Ian Gawinowski, Daniel Pemble

Most Improved
Mel Lowe, Charlotte Livesey, Matt Swaine, Ceredig Jones

Club Person
Aidan Noble, Roz White, Felicity Lowe, Sophie White, Jayne Pemble, Jane Goodwin, Mark Andrews 

Jasmine Speare, Tom Howard

Estelle Lowe, Tom Woodworth

Clemmie Lee, George Peacock

Dalis Jones, Seamus Robinson

Rosie Hamilton-James, James Harrod

Phoebe Gould, Ben Rawlins

Abi Hall, Alex Hamblin

Vicky Tester, Oli Beale

Maria Hobbs, Richard Noble

Kay Ridgwell, Mike Mewse

Marilyn Palmer, Nigel Gates

Coach/Group Leader Awards
Neil Miller, Emma Woodworth, Caroline Jones, Lizzy Smith, Jason Michael, Chris Beck

Peter Griffin Memorial Trophy
Greg Hayward

Club Captain
Katie Hughes, Ewan Paton

Richard Bloss Personality of the Year
Jayne Pemble

Committee Award
Tamsin Chick

Team of the Year
U15 girls (Midland Road Relays) Dalis Jones, Kate Howard, Amelia Honor

Athletes of the Year
Rosie Hamilton-James, Abdi Hasan