Veteran Men’s Cross Country Review


With the Awards coming up on Monday 24th here is a review of the cross country races  – a focus for many Westbury runners during the winter season.

Veterans / Masters    Men 

Review of winter 2016/17 season

Gwent League

Well done to all the Veteran / Masters men who competed in the Gwent League – especially those who ran all five and made a real difference in the team competitions.

The Over 45 team were 2nd team overall with a particularly impressive winning team performance in the last race at Pembrey. Nick Smart led the team home with Richard Noble producing his best run of the year closely followed by Ken Ham and Ewan Paton.

Much praise must go to Jullian Bailey-Gard (Snr)– another ever-present in the 5 race series. Jullian, as a (youthful !) 65 year old, opted to run in the longer senior men’s races, missing out on individual glory in the Over 65s  to enable the Westbury O55s to achieve another excellent 2nd out of the 44 teams who competed.

Gwent League Vets Results

O35   Team results  ( Top 100 individual places)

Westbury 2nd (44 Teams)

Name                  Pts      Races                          

Ken Ham               846      5

Oli Beale              758       3

Scott Campbell    688      3

Ewan Paton         687       5

Richard Noble    651        4

Nick Smart          556       3

Robin Phillips      542      3

Mike Mewse        529     4

O45   Team Results   (Top 50 places)

Westbury  2nd

Name                 Pts      Races

Ken Ham           555       5

Ewan Paton      471       5

Richard Noble  423       4

Mike Mewse     363      4

O55 Team Results   (Top 20 places)

Westbury 2nd

Name                           Pts      Races

Ken Ham                      236        5

Mike Mewse                  164       4

Jullian Bailey-Gard       103      5


Tony Jeffries (70)       39 pts     4        (4th individual place)

Gwent League Top Ten Finishes

Bridgend    V35  Oli Beale 9th   V55  Ken Ham 2nd      Mike Mewse 8th

V65   Tony Jeffries 6th

Brecon   V35   Scott Campbell  8th          V45  Nick Smart  5th

V55    Ken Ham 3rd  Mike Mewse 10th   V65  Tony Jeffries 3rd

Blaise      V35   Scott Campbell 8th    V45 Nick Smart 7th Dave Hobbs 10th

V55   Ken Ham 2nd    Mike Mewse 9th     V65 Tony Jeffries 5th

Newport  V55  Ken Ham 2nd  Mike Mewse 8th   V65  Tony Jeffries 6th

Pembrey   V45 Nick Smart 5th  Richard Noble 10th   V55  Ken Ham 4th


Championship Cross Country Races

Tri Counties Cross Country Championships   Bath University    December 2016

Anthony Glover     1st MV40  (Avon and Tri counties champion)

Ken Ham                 1st MV50 (Avon champion)

Mike Mewse          1st MV60 (Avon and Tri Counties champion )

South West Cross Country Championships , Exeter , January 2017.

Richard Noble 25th MV40     Ken Ham  8th MV50     Mike Mewse   1st MV60