London Marathon Club draw

The draw for the London marathon will take place on Monday, December 12th.

The current situation is that in the top priority group (members who didn’t get a club place for the 2016 London Marathon and can prove that they applied again unsuccessfully this year) there are four names for the four available places. Those names are:

Steve Puetz

Tim Carr

Nick Marshall

Shaun Howie

If no more top priority names are put forward before the draw takes place (before training on Monday, December 12th 2016), these four people will automatically get the four available places.

In the second priority group are:

Clive Attwood

Mike Howie

Amy Hogarty

Linda Philips

Nathanael Ahearn

Emma Bradbrook

Mike Hopkins

Carolyn Dent

Sarah Andrews

Mark Andrews

Carol Fee

Two reserves will be drawn from this group.