Group Leaders course in Bristol

We need to have more group leaders for the Monday night runs as we’re currently heavily reliant on the same people every week. It’s good for the group leaders just to be able to go for a run too.

There is a Leadership in Running Fitness course taking place in Bristol on Sunday, March 22nd. It is a one day  course which qualifies and insures leaders to deliver safe and fun running sessions. This is the qualification that most of the group leaders on a Monday have.

If you’d like to go on the course please get in touch with Lizzy Smith.

  • Course Date: 22.Mar.2015
  • Location: Clifton College Sports Ground, Abbots Leigh Road, Abbots Leigh, Bristol, BS8 3QD
  • Booking Deadline: 13.Mar.2015

Please note: The minimum age for this course is 18.

Full details on the course is on the England Athletics website.