Get on the track

The sun is / was out so it must be time for track races!!

There are a couple of open meetings in the next couple of weeks that you may want to enter. The first is on 21st April (the day after the awards) and is held at the Kip Keino Stadium at Filton College (Wise Campus).

The event is open to all runners over the age of 9 right up to masters so the under 11’s will have a chance to see what it’s like to run on the track and if any parents fancy a go they can enter too!!

Your age group depends on your age as at the 1st September. So if you are 13 between now and the 1st September you will need to enter as an under 15.

See FiltonOpenMeetingApril2015 for timing information.

The 2nd race is held at Millfield School, Butleigh Road, Street, Somerset,  BA16 0YD on the 4th May. You can enter online at  and follow the links. The race is run with pacemakers and designed to help you get a PB so enter the race that is a few seconds (or more if you’re feeling good) faster than your current personal best. The pacemaker will run at a certain speed and as long as you stick with the pacemaker you should get a good time.

Reminders out for the next open meeting at Filton (12th May) closer to the time and if we find any more races for you we’ll let you know.

Don’t forget that if you want to compete on the track, you can do so for our partner club Yate AC without paying any more membership fees. You’ll have to fill in a membership form, but no payment for membership is necessary. Contact details for the relevant team managers can be found on their website  and some fixture information is also available