Final Gwent League Cross Country at Aberdare – Sunday March 1st

The timetable and course map is now available for the final Gwent League Fixture at Aberdare on Sunday, March 1st. The timetable is:

12.00 Novice Boys
12.10 Novice Girls
12.20 Under 13 Boys
12.30 Under 13 Girls
12.40 Senior Ladies
13.10 Under 17 & Under 20 Men
13.20 Under 15 boys
13.30 Under 15 Girls
13.40 Under 17 & Under 20 Women
14.00 Senior Men

The map is on the Gwent League website . Use Shift, Ctrl + to rotate the pdf using Internet Explorer or right click and Rotate Clockwise in Chrome, or turn your head sideways!

Let’s make this a great end of season cross country for the club.

So where are we heading into the final fixture?

Novice Boys – Joe Mead is 6th and could gain a couple of places.
Novice Girls – Kate Howard is 1st, Ruby Saunders 3rd and the team 1st so looking good.

Under 13 boys – Greg Hayward 8th, team 8th
Under 13 girls – Rosie Hamilton James is 4th, team 2nd

Under 15 boys – Aidan Noble 1st, team 7th
Under 15 girls – Sophie Reed 6th, team 4th

Under 17 boys – team 5th
Under 17 girls – Ellie Leather 1st, Ella Brimble 3rd, Georgia Taylor 5th, Emma Jones 6th, Emma Taylor 7th, team 1st, B team 4th.

Senior men – Robin Philips 26th, team 14th overall, 6th in Division 1. B team 6th in division.
Senior women – Catherine Lee 2nd (8pts behind 1st place), team 2ndoverall and 2nd in division, B team 11th overall and 2nd in division, C team 7th in division

Male Vet 40 – Robin Phillips 8th overall, team 2nd. We are 148 points behind 1st place. 66 after Bridgend, 77 after Cardiff, 74 after Brecon. It would be good to get a very strong vet 40 team out to see how close we can get. If we can lose 74 points in one fixture (our home fixture!) surely we can gain 149 in an away fixture, so if you’re over 40 and male, head over to Aberdare and run your socks off!
Female Vet 35 – team 2nd

Male Vet 50 – team 8th
Female Vet 45 – Anneke Bull 7th, team 3rd

Male Vet 60 – Jullian Bailey-Gard (Snr) 8th, team 4th
Female vet 55 – Eithne Noonan 8th, team 4th only 1 point behind 3rd!

Male Vet 70 – Tony Jeffries 2nd
Female Vet 65 – Pat Gallagher 4th.

We have loads to play for at the weekend, so please turn out and give the club your full support.  Turn up that bit earlier and shout the other racers on; there’s nothing like a “Come on Westbury” to give you that extra boost.