Committee positions

Many thanks to all those that attended to the AGM.

We do still have some key positions on the committee that remain unfilled and if the club is going to continue to run smoothly and improve on what we are already doing it is really important that we find replacements. The committee has developed the positions over the years to ensure that the workload is spread and so it is a manageable amount as it is appreciated that everyone has busy lives.

We are looking for a club secretary to replace Geraint. We know has has done an amazing job, but that means it is well set up and established and Geraint is around to support and guide the person in the role. Geraint also did lots of other bits and bobs that were not necessarily part of this role, these will be shared through the rest of the committee.

A second social secretary – someone to work with Colin Johnson in organising social events for the club. Socialising is a key part of the club and what members enjoy next to the running!

Treasurer – Shirley is doing a wonderful job but wishes to step down at the end of this year so would like somone else to come into post so she can work alongside them before she steps down. A key point of this is at the AGM we did agree that the coporate tax side of things would be outsourced.

To find out more please speak to any of the above people or a committee member alternatively Email   Job descriptions are available.