Club Hash and Cake Sale

On Monday night (19th August), we’re doing a whole club hash, a mystery run around Blaise Castle be suitable for all ages and abilities.  This will be similar to last year, on mostly wide flat paths with the odd smaller path to keep you guessing.  Being Blaise Castle, there will be a hill in there somewhere.  The Hash will end with a hunt for the cake baton.  Once the cake baton has been found, it’s back to the club house for the big cake sale (bring and buy).  Pay gate money as normal, but for this event all takings also go to charity.

Please wear your club vest for a big group photo, sign in with your usual group, and remember to sign back out again afterwards.  This is particularly important for this event, as people may (or may not) get lost along the way!

All youngsters under 18 please sign in with Jayne Pemble, and please sign back out with her afterwards.  Those 11 and under must run with a parent or designated adult (e.g. Jayne) during the run.

If you’ve not done a hash before, here are some instructions: WHH_Instructions v4