Arrangements for Westbury Wipeout (Monday 1st July)

There will be no club training on Monday night as we are staging the Westbury Wipeout.  However, your help would be greatly appreciated.  If you haven’t already signed up (clubhouse noticeboard or Facebook), please email Kay Ridgwell

Ideally we need people there for 6:30pm (6pm for those on registration and T-shirts), as it takes a while to get to the far part of the course. However, if you can aim to be there by 6:45 we will still be needing you.  The overflow car park will stay open all evening.

With 350 youngsters and their parents milling about, it is hard to find people, so on arrival please wait by:

  • Mile marker 1 if you are allocated to marshal section 1 (Ian Ruck leading), ditto sections 2 (Carol Fee leading) and 3 (Eithne Noonan leading)
  • Mile marker 4 if you have volunteered but don’t know which section (Kay Ridgewell will look for you there)
  • Mile marker 5 for start and finish teams, sweepers and (teenage) embedded runners

There is more information [about the event here], both what happens when, and from a safety point of view.