A reminder that the AGM is next Monday after training at 8.10pm in the bar upstairs.

This is your opportunity to:

– hear what your club has done over the past year
– understand how the money been spent
– elect the people you want to run the club for the next year
– raise any issues and discuss them with other club members

If you want any item in particular discussed at the meeting, you can either ask for it to be put on the agenda by letting current club secretary Geraint Torrington know by Monday, March 6th, or you can raise it on the night in the “Any other business?” section.

Please make every effort to attend the meeting and help shape the future of our great club.

Every committee position is up for election – if you’d like to carry out a role, put your name forward. The following is a list of the current club committee members.


Jim Murphy


Geraint Torrington *


Neil Miller


Shirley Hume **

Membership Secretary

Alison Rogers

James Winstone (website membership admin) *

Website Manager

James Winstone

Volunteer Co-ordinator

Carol Fee

Social Secretary

Caroline Scapens*

Events Co-ordinator

Philip Court *

Senior Coaching Coordinator

Victoria Sloan

Junior Coaching Coordinator

Chris O’Donovan

Reception Coordinator

Jayne Pemble

Club Development Officers

Kelly Winstone

Welfare Officers

Warren Pickles * and Lizzy Smith

Schools Liaison Officer

Kelly Winstone *

Press and Communications Officer


Club Historian

Pete Keogan

Men’s Team Manager

Scott Campbell

Vet Men’s Team Manager

Mike Mewse

Women’s Team Manager

Tamsin Chick

Vet Women’s Team Managers

Eithne Noonan and Sarah Tucker

Boys’ Team Manager

Neil Miller

Girls’ Team manager

Simon Johnston assisted by Pat Gallagher and Nick Elliot

* The current people in these posts will not be standing for re-election at the 2017 AGM.

** Shirley will step down on 31st December 2017. She will do the role of Treasurer for 2017 plus the accounts and tax for 2017, handing over the job at the end of the year so that someone can take on the job with a clean start on 1st January 2018.

We have some key positions that are becoming vacant and it is important for the smooth running of the club that these get filled. If you would like to see the job description or know more please contact manager.women@westburyharriers.co.uk