AGM Summary

The Club’s AGM took place on 19th March 2018. Despite the cold, frosty conditions, and the tail end of the Beast from the East (Part II), there was a strong attendance, with discussions and debate.

The past year has seen successes from all sections of the club as was recognised within the Team Managers’ reports. There has been particular growth in the cross country field, although more progress can always be made. The 2018/19 season has much to offer! Summer is fast approaching and now is the time to start thinking about your individual goals; speak to your Team Manager about how you can become involved in team events.

The Pavilion Committee has been working hard behind the scenes, with extensive works having been completed over the Winter period to the clubhouse at Blaise Castle. This is only the first stage of a wider refurbishment project and the second stage, which will involve internal renovations, will now commence. All members will benefit from this work and the Pavilion Committee would welcome any additional support which can be offered. A big thanks goes to the pavilion committee for all their hard work and progress on the club house.

First topic up for discussion was a motion to increase the Club’s subscription fees by £2 per year for all members. After exploration, analysis and argument, the motion was rejected by a large majority.

This was swiftly followed by a motion to increase the subscription fee for family members. There was no suggestion from anyone present that the family membership option be withdrawn but concerns were raised that the current fee gives the potential for abuse and is not reflective of the costs of other membership options. A further motion was proposed by the floor that if the cost were to be increased, this should take effect from 1st April 2018. A vote resulted in both motions being unanimously passed. Committee will publish the fees for family membership post 1st April 2018 in the next few weeks. Those who have already paid for their membership prior to this date will not be affected by the cost increase.

The final motion proposed was to increase the minimum age of membership from 7 years of age to 8 years of age for new members. The Reception Group has increased both in size and popularity under the careful steer of Jayne Pemble and there is now a waiting list of over 50, with 75 children attending regularly on Monday nights. This has led to added pressures upon the support and safeguarding aspects of the Reception Group and the Club’s priority is to ensure the safety, wellbeing and enjoyment of all children who attend. The motion was passed by a majority. The Club Committee will amend the Club’s Constitution accordingly but would reassure those members who are aged 7 (and their parents), that this rule applies to new members only and will not, therefore, affect existing members.

Westbury Harriers is your Club. The Committee exists for you and it is only with the support and assistance of the membership that the Club is able to grow, develop and prosper. A big thanks goes to the committee members for their hard work and contributions to the club over the past year. Thank-you to those stepping down from their roles for all they have contributed, Carol Fee, Kelly Winstone and Shirley Hume.

There still remains vacant Committee roles and so if you have any skills which could assist, in any way, why not take this opportunity to become more involved. Please do remember that all committee members are volunteers and when roles are not filled areas of the club do not develop as existing committee members can not always take on additional responsibilities. Vacant roles are, Club Secretary, Boys assistant manager, Communications Officer, Club Development Officer and an additional social secretary. You will not be asked to give up significant amounts of time but in the words of a famous supermarket, every little counts! If you are interested in joining the committee, or assisting with the organisation of Club events as part of the sub-committees such as the Blaise Blazer, the club championships, pavilion committee and Westbury Wipeout Committee please speak to a Committee member.

Please also remember your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. You can do this at anytime by using the ‘Give us your feedback’ tab on the website. All comments and ideas will be taken to the following committee meeting for action.