AGM Information

At the AGM on Monday, March 14th, the following people were elected as your committee for the coming year.  Some posts remained vacant and we would welcome nominations for these positions. Where the post is listed as TBC it’s because people who weren’t present were nominated and we’re waiting to hear if they wish to take up the post. Many thanks to the people who have held posts prior to this AGM, your contribution to the running of the club is very much appreciated.

President Dave Perkins
Lady President Pat Gallagher
Chairman Jim Murphy
Vice Chairman Neil Miller
Secretary Geraint Torrington
Treasurer Shirley Hume
Membership Secretary Alison Rogers
Website Manager James Winstone
Club Development Officer Kelly Winstone
Volunteer Coordinator Carol Fee
Social Secretary Caroline Scapens and TBC
Event Coordinator Phil Court
Senior Women’s Team Manager Tamsin Chick
Veteran Women’s Team Manager Eithne Noonan and Sarah Tucker
Senior Men’s Team Manager Scott Campbell
Veteran Men’s Team Manager Mike Mewse
Girls’ Team Manager Simon Johnston
Girls’ Assistant Team Managers Nick Elliot and Pat Gallagher
Boys’ Team Manager Neil Miller
Boys Assistant Team Manager Vacant
Reception Coordinator Warren Pickles
Senior Coaching Secretary Victoria Sloane
Junior Coaching Secretary Vacant
School’s Liaison Officer Kelly Winstone
Welfare Officer – male Warren Pickles
Welfare Officer – female TBC
Press / communications officer Emma Baggley
Club Historian / Records / Old members Peter Keogan
Pavilion Committee Anneke Bull

Jullian Bailey-Gard (Snr)

Jim Murphy

Kay Ridgewell

Ken Lovell


The rules changes were accepted by those present with the most significant change being to rule 9:

“Members will have 30 days grace in which to renew their subscriptions. Members who have not renewed their yearly subscriptions within 60 days will not be eligible to represent the CLUB in competitions.

Membership will be offered at a discounted rate until March 31st after which time the membership will increase by £10.”

So if you have not renewed your membership you need to do it by the end of March to avoid paying an extra £10.

The proposal to move the training time on a Monday was not passed. It was acknowledged that the current structure of leaving at 19.10 and returning by 20.00 was not always adhered to but by enforcing this would resolve the issue of groups returning late with children waiting.