Weekly News – Sunday 14th February

Sunday 14th February

Westbury Harriers – Weekly News

Editor’s Piece

Happy Valentines Day, my luuvers! No chance of any fancy restaurant meals or even a drink down the pub this year, so how about a valentines run instead? You could even combine it with a 30 minute EA challenge at the same time?

And to continue with the valentines theme I thought it would be appropriate to include the photo below, after all there’s a lot of pink involved. Or, as Neil would have it, Caribbean rouge and pale cerise! This was from the Welsh Castles Relay in 2009.

Guest Speaker – Claire Callaghan Presents ‘Top Tips for Preventing Running Injuries, Managing Injuries and Strengthening for Performance’

Claire will be providing some top sports physio tips, topics to include how to stop injuries from occurring, managing your running while injured and self management of common niggles. Other themes will cover strengthening and flexibility for runners to help you run injury free, improve speed and performance and warm ups and cool downs – what to do, what not to do. Session will end with a question and answer session.

Claire has been a Physio for over 25 years. She’s treated runners of all ages, from beginner level and children through to GB marathon runners and Olympic track athletes. She is keen to share her knowledge with you, help you stay pain free, “train smarter” and improve your running. All information is based on the latest running related research and lessons from working with elite sport.  Presented by Claire Callaghan B.Pty MSc Chartered Physiotherapist via Zoom (details to follow by separate e-mail) on Friday 26th February.

I would also like to than Dan Summers (shown below) for his presentation last Friday on the 3 Big Rounds. I’m just glad I’d had my dinner first before seeing the photo of blistered feet!

Club Intervals-Cor, blimey, that’s a long one!

Vicky’s session for next week is something a bit longer 5 x 4mins (with 90secs recovery) For anyone that’s not regularly been doing the sessions only do 4. Remember, it’s all about consistency so be mindful of your pace on these longer interval sessions and don’t go too quickly on the early sets. Warm up, warm down and stretch afterwards.

Facebook Virtual 5k Relay

Another photo montage of our facebook relay runners (including that running vest!). So far we are up to leg 22 but we have Jayne Pemble to look forward to next as she takes on leg 23.

EA Weekly30 Challenge

Almost everybody is now participating in the EA Weekly30 challenge but we could always do with extra runners. Every single metre and run counts in pushing the club up the team leader board. At the moment we remain in third place but only a few more runners may make second achievable. 

Some of the club are making the challenge their primary goal on a Saturday morning. It seems Aztec West is taking over in popularity from the Portway, who would believe it! The benefits of Aztec West being it’s quiet, very little road traffic, flattish and doing circuits makes a nice change from ‘up and down’ the Portway.  

Another option is to just make the first 30 minutes of any long run part of the challenge. That’s what I did the other day when running along the coast path to Portishead. 

Thanks to Valerie Hughes for keeping us all motivated and updated with results.

Pictured below we have Mark, Sarah, Ben and Elaine , who ran in pairs around Aztec West.

Strava Results of the Week

Congratulations Sandra Sforza on a Saturday afternoon 3 miler. You called your run ‘ a slowish icy 3 miles’ but not so slow to achieve 3 personal records, and it was very sensible to take it easy if icy under foot. Sandra’s 3 PR’s included Strava segment Up Rockleaze (2:37), Across the Downs (2:36) and Lights past wills lane (1:54) 

Diary Dates

Friday 26th February 7pm Guest Speaker Claire Callaghan Presentation

February 2021 England Athletics Weekly 30 Run challenge. Run for 30 minutes over the weekend, it’s that simple. https://www.englandathletics.org/athletics-and-running/england-competitions/virtual-competitions/weekly30-run-challenge/

Sunday 18th April Virtual AGM 6:30pm A virtual club AGM using Zoom, joining details will be provided nearer the time.

Editor this Week

Ian Gawinowski is Westbury Harriers Communications Officer and can be contacted via communication@westburyharriers.co.uk