Weekly News – Monday 6th May 2024


Happy Bank Holiday Monday


I couldn’t believe my eyes when I woke up on Saturday morning and I saw that big bright yellow thing in the sky. Was that really the sun? I got so excited, I rummaged around for my sunglasses. Even the temperature went up a few degrees. But of course that didn’t last very long, weather Gods decided to let it rain some more! So yesterday I took advantage of scrubbing the balcony and washed away the dirt and cobwebs that had accumlated over the Winter. This time last year I recall it was a bit of a heatwave when I took part in the UTMB Snowdonia 100km race, i’m back out there this week to volunteer and look forward to seeing some familiar faces. However, not sure it’ll be shorts weather and any need for suncream. Enough of the weather report, on to the good stuff…….


This week’s editor: Yvette Casallas


Newport Marathon:

I entered the Newport marathon quite late, gratefully taking Robin Philips place when he could no longer take part. After lots of fun Winter trail running in preparation for The Grizzley, it seemed a good opportunity to use the mileage to attempt to run a marathon time that could get me a Good For Age entry for London next year. That left 6 weeks to get some road running in (Portway loops) and do some solo long runs, which I found quite difficult after lots of sociable Grizzley training runs. Not quite able to bring myself to run all road, these were mostly Two Bridges (Avonmouth-Suspension) routes, to include the Towpath/Ashton Court.

I worried I hadn’t done enough as I could only average three runs a week, with no club sessions, due to lone childcare responsibilities.

However, I had heard Newport was a PB course, and in that respect it didn’t disappoint, being a two lap, dead flat route. The race starts at 9am, which is a nice time, with the event so local. Even with a half marathon starting at the same time, and a 10k later, it didn’t feel very busy, or crowded, and parking was straightforward. After a drizzly drive over, by the start of the race running conditions were actually perfect, cool, with sunny spells.


The course takes you around a small lap of town, then out over City Bridge, and around the edge of a running track at Newport Stadium, which was quite novel. Then onto two laps of quiet, and pretty, country lanes. It didn’t feel like a city marathon at all. There is a switchback where you see the quickest runners doubling back which is quite exciting, and I spotted Alex Sampson flying along well ahead of the three hour pacer. It was nice to spot a few other Westbury faces and give them a cheer too. Steph Cummins was running her first marathon and looking strong.


As usual I started a little too enthusiastically, feeling quite comfortable in the cool conditions, enjoying the crowd support, and watching the quick runners lap back. I didn’t carry my own gels which turned out to be a mistake because the first gel stop wasn’t where I expected it to be from the course map, or I managed to miss it. At halfway a lovely lady spectator kindly gave me a gel when she overheard me say that I hadn’t seen any yet. The full size Lucozade bottles on one station were too big and heavy, and seemed a bit wasteful unfortunately.


By the second lap of the lanes the race thinned out, and it was a bit tough and lonely, with support in patches. Time to dig deep, though I inevitably dropped off my initial pace. I was still well within my target time, so not too worried, though it was really starting to hurt by mile 23. From this point you are starting to head back into town, and it was nice to pick up a bit more crowd support, with friendly spectators, encouraging you by name, as it was printed on the race numbers. A late on sign reading ‘we all make bad life choices’ made me smile.


In the end I actually finished the race with a PB of 3:23, and a qualifying time, so was really pleased. There were definitely some learning points though around pacing and fuelling!. Overall as a PB/qualifying, and small and friendly event, I would recommend Newport.

A brilliant write up from Becky Lee.





Centenary celebration meal – CANCELLATION

Due to the low take-up numbers for the Centenary meal on Saturday May 18th, the club has made the decision to cancel it.
This was discussed at the AGM with all in agreement that regretfully it wouldn’t take place. This has had a financial impact on the Club, as detailed in the Weekly News email.

As a committee we’d like to apologise to you all for this, but felt it was the best option.


Midland League Athletics – 18th May – FINAL CALL

Some of you may have already seen this, but here’s another opportunity to take part in the track this month in the Midland League on 18th May in Nottingham.

Team manager for this one is Matt Muggeridge, some further details are below in the link. You can get in contact Matt directly here: yatemidlandteam@outlook.com or join the facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/735921887780553


RunTogether Update

RunTogether was contacted in response to members queries about ApplePay. Reply below;

‘Sorry for the delay in replying to you.  We are still waiting for a response from Clubspark on this this, however it does appear the feature has been disabled.’ 

Please also note RunTogether no longer issues automatic refunds. Please continue to cancel your space as this updates leaders so they know not to expect you and others may want your space (only really applies to Tuesday track session). Refunds are completed for track, hills and intervals at the end of the week. If you have not attended and need a refund for a Monday session please message Tamsin (manager.women@westburyharriers.co.uk or via FB messenger), there are too many groups to check through.


Blaise Blazer

** Volunteer Appeal for the Blaise Blazer **

As recently published, with entries opened recently, we need to start putting together a fairly large team of volunteers to help out and marshal around the course. We need in excess of 30(!) volunteers. This is even more challenging with the Hogweed Trot 10k being a week earlier and clashing with the Blaise Blazer!

If you are able to volunteer (or help encourage others to volunteer) on the night that would be fantastic. Please let Alastair Blackwood know, who is co-ordinating volunteers.


British Masters Road Relays – Saturday 25th May 2024: Mallory Park, Leicestershire (STILL TIME TO SIGN UP)

Please get signed up for this event if you are available. This is a really good event with each leg being about 5k around the motor racing circuit. The club pays the entry fee, we can share lifts and the club will contribute towards travel costs. We would like to put out some competitive teams but also give an opportunity to anyone who would like to enjoy taking part. Representing the club as part of a team is great fun, we hope to have a good day out as well as giving it our best in the race!

This year camping will be available for £15 per night, see website for details:



Sign up on RunTogether and let you team manager know you want to take part.

Men – Chris Palmer/Mark Andrews: mark.andrews65@me.com


Women – Eithne Noonan manager.vet.women@westburyharriers.co.uk





It’s time for the annual Bluebell run from Portbury. Meet at 10am at the Priory in Portbury. 7 miles with shorter option available. You can register on RunTogether, details within the link: https://groups.runtogether.co.uk/WestburyHarriersRunningClub/BookClass/59a00d9f-4162-4ca0-9716-9eff739e98f1


This week the session is:

Goal: Session with more distance slightly slower than 5k pace

2 x 400m (@5k pace), 100m jog recovery
3 x 1k (slower than 5k pace), 200m jog recovery
4 x 200m (quicker than 5k pace), 100m jog recovery

If you run regularly at Yate or plan to give track races a go this season. Do make sure you have taken advantage of our partnership with Yate AC and join Yate for free as an associate Westbury Harriers member: https://westburyharriers.co.uk/membership/yate-partnership/


Meet every Wednesday at 12pm at the traffic lights by Saville Road on the Downs. Book on via RunTogether HERE.

THURSDAY INTERVALS7pm at Coombe Dingle

6 x 3mins (90secs recovery)

Aim for 5k pace

*option to complete 5



A reminder that we have an events calendar on our website where you can keep track of dates for training, events and races. (Thanks, Vicky, for keeping this updated). https://westburyharriers.co.uk/events/events-calendar/

What is the Club Championship?

The Club Championship is a competition within Westbury Harriers, based on the position you come in a wide selection of races selected by the Club Championship Committee. The higher position that you place, the more points that you score – across a limit of ten counting races.

Points start at thirty for first, 29 for second, 28 for third and so on until 10 points, where everyone positioned below this will receive 10 points.

The rules can be found on the Club Championship Webpage: https://westburyharriers.co.uk/events/club-championship/

The key points are as follows:

  1. Each entrant must be a registered member of Westbury Harriers at the time of the race.
  2. Westbury Harriers must be your declared club on your entry, shown on the results (unless the race results do not facilitate this).



Saturday 11th – 12th May –  Avon track and field championships, Yate. More information can be found here
Tuesday 14th May – Rose Inn (#1) Club Championship #3
Wednesday 22nd May – Lightening Bolt 10k Club Championship #4
Saturday 25th May – British Masters Road Relays
Tuesday 4th June – Sri Chinmoy 2 Mile Club Championship #5
Friday 28th June – Beer n Banger 10k Club Championship #6
Thursday 4th July – Tintern Trot Club Championship #7
Thursday 18th July – Purdown Pursuit Club Championship #8
Friday 26th July – Towpath Series 10k Race 3 Club Championship #9


TRACK RACES: Yate National Athletics League match availability

Below is an email from Graham Howell, the team manager for the National Athletics League. He’s looking for people’s availability for the season, you can get in contact with Graham directly here gratimhow@aol.com or join the facebook group below

Any questions please get in touch.


I’m now calling for your availability for the first 3 matches (Swansea Sat 1st June, Yate Sat 22nd June, Basingstoke Sun 7th July). Give me your preferred event(s) and events you may be prepared to do. A Yes/No/Not sure availability response is useful. The event timetable is attached. Responses by Sunday 5th May please.

If you haven’t yet renewed your 2024 membership I won’t be able to select you for NAL competition.

Team admin is mostly handled through the Yate NAL Facebook group, if you are not connected yet you can request to join here Yate Athletic Club National Athletic League Facebook Group




If we have missed any race events that you think should be listed, please contact – communication@westburyharriers.co.uk