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Member of the Month Nominations. The committee will be meeting again on Friday so please submit your junior and senior nominations. The e-mail address to use is

Cross Country and Other Club Events. If you are interested in running for the club (events are shown below) and you have any questions then please contact your relevant team manager. Their details are below:

Boys- Neil Miller via
Girls – Jayne Pemble and Jason Michale via
Men – Scott Campbell via
Ladies – Tamsin Elson Chick via
Vet Ladies – Eithne Noonan
Vet Men – Mike Mewse via

Race Review. The Mendip Muddle. I thought it was appropriate to have a quick review of this event as it’s taking place in a couple of weeks time on Sunday 13th October. There are places still available so you have a chance to enter. It is not in the Club Championships this year but still worth doing.

The Mendip Muddle is tough, almost half marathon in distance with over 420m of climbing. The terrain is brutal, from boggy moorland, narrow rocky trails, steep slippery descents and gruelling long climbs.

When I ran it last year the weather was atrocious. It basically poured down with rain all day and the wind was blowing a gale, especially on the top of the Mendips. Usually, when running, the physical exertion keeps you warm but on this occasion I was frozen to the core. Soaked to the skin and with the wind chill it was a real struggle. Of course the only way I was going to keep warm was keep running and hope I got to the finish before hyperthermia set in!

And the rain had turned all the footpaths into mini rivers, in some cases the water went above my knees. Plus you can’t lose focus as you have to concentrate on the terrain underfoot.

I can only imagine if the weather is favourable then it is a completely different race. On a drier day the views must be magnificent, with some of the finest scenery in the West Country. The area is also steeped in history with prehistoric tumuli, ancient rabbit warrens and Iron Age Forts.

So my tips are if the forecast is looking poor then dress accordingly (as they say, there’s not such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing). It is better to be too hot than cold, you can always tie a jacket around the waist or leave it with a marshal if the weather changes. You may also be out for a couple of hours so worth carrying an energy gel or two (although there are drink stops).

The event starts from Charterhouse Centre, near Blagdon BS40 7XR. There’s a large field to park in and the Field Study centre which houses the HQ has changing rooms and more importantly warm showers , food, drink and cake. Registration is from 09:30, race starts 11:00. See link in diary dates for details.

Jane Goodwin, as she approached the finish in last year’s race.

Congratulations.  To everybody who took part in the Portishead Coast Path 10k. This was also a Club Championship event so a good turnout of Westbury runners.

Good luck to Robin Phillips (pictured below) and Colin Johnson who are both running as guides in the Berlin Marathon. 

Training Tip of the Week. And the second instalment of Jeni’s tips. Source: Consider the following running technique tips with suggestions on how to focus on different parts of the body:

Arms: The arms should act as pistons to propel you forward when you are perfecting your running technique. Elbows should be bent, somewhere close to 90 degrees. Drive the arms forward; they will naturally come back on their own. Moving your arms faster makes your legs move faster, so use more arm power when you’re putting in more effort, rather than if you are casually jogging.

Hands: Hands should not be clenched, but neither should they be left dangling loosely. The best advice to get it right is to imagine you are holding a crisp between each thumb and forefinger; tight enough to keep hold of it but not so tight that you crush it.

Back: Your torso should be perpendicular to the ground, back kept straight and your navel pulled in to your spine. Do not arch back or lean forward, which can throw your alignment off or restrict your breathing.

Hips: When running, imagine you are growing taller with every step. This will help you avoid slumping onto the pelvis, a position which compromises your core stability.

Knees: Aim for a reasonable but not excessive knee lift with each stride but don’t worry about reaching your heels to your bottom (unless you are sprinting). This will help you achieve a better running technique.

Ankles: Don’t grip with the front of your ankles, particularly on hills. Many of us have a tendency to run with rigid ankles, which doesn’t help with shock dissipation or a smooth stride.

Feet: Land on the mid-foot and roll smoothly through to the forefoot. Don’t deliberately ‘flick’ off the toes as your foot leaves the ground. Relax your toes.

Keep all this advice in mind when running. A good habit to get into is to perform a body scan every ten minutes so that you keep your running technique spot on. Ignoring your running form can lead to niggles, which in turn can lead to full blown injuries.

Diary Dates 

Tuesday 29th October. Pomphrey 5k series starts.  Pomphrey 5k Series

Friday 4th October 18:45-22:00 Run Fest The Series. Theme is Awesome Challenges: Overcoming Adversity. Shirehampton Public Hall, Station Road. Eventbrite Link

Sunday 6th October Keynsham 10k

Sunday 6th October National Road Relays, Sutton Park (juniors/seniors)

5th – 11th October Running Week in Nice

Sunday 13th October Mendip Muddle. Brutal trail run in the mendips, approx 20km 

Mendip Muddle Link

Thursday 24th October. The Western Prom Run 

Western Prom Link

Sunday 26th October Master Cross Country Relays, Nottingham

Saturday 26th October Bristol Epic 10k  https://toughrunneruk.bristol-epic-10

Tuesday 29th October. Pomphrey 5k series starts.  Pomphrey 5k Series

Sunday 8th December Weston Christmas Cracker. Cracker Link

Sunday 1st December The Tri-Counties Cross-Country Championships at Bath University. avon/CCChamps

Sunday 29th December The Wye Wander, starting from Chepstow Leisure Centre. I can really recommend this event, short at 5.5 miles, but very sweet. Plus it may be your last chance to get a race in before the end of 2019. I did it last year and it really blew away the cobwebs after a lazy Christmas. Perhaps a Club Champ event for next year?  Wye Wander Link

Sunday 5th January 2020 South West Cross Country Championships, Aldon Hill Yeovil (juniors/seniors)

Saturday 25th January 2020 Midland Cross Country Championships (the club has in the last few years focused on the South West XC, rather than the Midlands)

Saturday 22nd February English National Cross Country Championships, Nottingham (juniors/seniors)

Saturday 21st March 2020 Midland 6/12 Stage Road Relays– Sutton Park

Saturday 4th April 20202 National 6/12 Stage, Sutton Park

Saturday 16th May 2020- Masters Road Relays, Sutton Park (Over 35’s)


Club Championship Events

Saturday 12th October Gwent League, Cardiff. Team managers will provide details nearer the time.

Sunday 27th October. Nightingale Nightmare. Race Full – did you get in? Don’t forget, fancy dress is compulsory!

Saturday 9th November. Gwent Cross Country, Pembrey Country Park. Team managers will provide details.

Sunday 17th November Keynsham Dandy (TACH). More details on the TACH website RACE FULL

Saturday 7th December. Gwent League Event: Blaise Castle, Bristol.  As a club we host this event and it’s on familiar territory so you have no excuse for not attending.  

Thursday 19th December. Western Prom. A 5 mile race, up and down the promenade front. Affiliated only £6. Usually a post race Christmas meal is organised as well, check for details nearer the time.

Thursday 26th December Clevedon Boxing Day Race. I’m always away over Christmas so have never been able to run this. I can tell you it’s a 4 mile race and a good excuse to burn off those excess calories from Christmas day lunch. Last year the first three Westbury finishers where Joe Conners, Ben Rawlins and Robin Phillips.

Saturday 8th February 2020. Gwent League Event: Chepstow Race Course

Sunday 1st March 2020 Gwent League Event: Singleton Park, Swansea