Weekly News

Bank Holiday Monday. The good news is we have an extra long weekend because it’s a Bank Holiday Monday.  The bad news is it means we’ll not be training up at Blaise this evening (although do check Facebook, there may be something informal instead).

Volunteer Vacancies. An enormous thank-you to Hannah Barraclough who has volunteered to fill the third volunteer coordinator role. Vacant roles remaining including Reception Assistant to help Emma and somebody to become the Website Manager. If interested do speak to one of the committee for more details.

Nominations. The committee will be meeting this Friday and discussing member of the month nominations. If you’d like to nominate a junior/senior member lets us know, with reason via 

Monday Evening Registration.  Many thanks to everybody who cooperated with our new registration procedure. It seemed to work well, so we’ll continue with the same method in two weeks time when we return to Blaise. In fact, due to its success, there will be a second table for the registration of juniors.

Club Survey. If you’ve not updated the survey please do. Include an e-mail and you’ll be included in a draw for Up and Running vouchers, club clothing or a sports massage.

Well, we had the London Marathon last weekend and this weekend it’s the Bristol 10K. Some hardcore Westbury runners who did the Marathon are even doing the 10k as well! 

Congratulations to everybody that completed the course. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos on Facebook.

Photo Bristol 10k. From Left: Judy, Helen, Ian, Jane, Matt, Mark, Elaine and the Sarah pose for one last selfie before the starting gun fires.

Race Review. The Tintern Trot. As promised a few weeks ago it’s time for a race review, and we begin with some trotting around Tintern. 

The race starts on Thursday 4th July at 7:30pm, next to Abbey Mill. There’s a small selection of touristy shops, selling fudge, smelly candles, wind chimes, etc and an excellent cafe/restaurant. Parking is in the main Tintern Abbey car park, only a 2 minute walk away.

The races starts by crossing the Tintern end of the old railway bridge, then follows the river and old railway for roughly a mile. Don’t worry about getting boxed in at this point because before you know it the route turns left, climbing up through he woods to Offa’s Dyke. The uphill section is quite broad so plenty of opportunities to overtake, if you have the energy! 

You head north for another mile or so along Offa’s Dyke. Just watch out for the low branch along the top. Last year I was wearing my peaked cap plus concentrating on my feet so managed to smack my head really hard and for a few minutes all I could see were stars.

We are now coming to the good section because the route goes down past the horse sanctuary, then turns back to rejoin the outward section. Lots of concentration required here because it’s steep and very rocky.  You also pick up a lot of speed on this decent, but don’t worry, there’s a stile at the bottom to crash into so you won’t end up in the River Wye!

I really enjoyed last years event. Sometimes you just have a really good day and at the Trot I was firing on all four cylinders. I went flying up the hills and had plenty in reserve to overtake a few runners on the home stretch. Perhaps mild concussion helped to block out the pain. More likely it was the mixed terrain and the stunning scenery that helped focus the mind. Road running can be a bit of a slog but off-road its just as much mental as physical.

Last years bonus was all finishers received a token for coffee/tea and cake or a beer.  Hopefully the same will be on offer in July. I look forward to seeing you all on the start line.

Diary Dates 
Friday 10th to Sunday 12th May. Welsh Coastal Path. Have-a-scok to Trevor.  The plan is to start from where the group finished last time, at Abersoch. As it’s a longer drive the plan is to run over 3 days (although you can join for just the 2nd or 1st day). Please respond to his posting in the Events area on Facebook if interested.

Friday 17th May. 18:45 – 22:00 Run Fest: The Series.  The theme is how to strengthen and improve your running. Run Fest Link

Saturday 15th June. Eastville parkrun WH volunteer take over. parkrun link

Championship Events
Tuesday 14th May. Sri Chinmoy.  Sri Chinmoy Link

Monday 27th May. Hogweed Trot. Hogweed Trot Link

Monday 3rd June. Blaise Blazer. Blaise Blazer

Sunday 16th June. Cheddar Gorge Challenge 10K. 

Thursday 20th June. Rowberry Romp. Rowberry Romp Link

Thursday 4th July Tintern Trot. Tintern Trot Link

Wednesday 10th July. Bitton 5K. Bitton 5k Link  

Friday 19th July. 10k Towpath Inter-Club Mob Match.  GWR Towpath Link

Friday 9th August. 5k Towpath Series. Similar to the Mob Match, but only 5k long this time. Not quite so many runners do this final event of the series so less chance of being shoved into the river! Can enter on the night and only costs a fiver. GWR Towpath Link