How to renew your membership if you don’t have a PayPal account

  1. First of all log in to you account on our website
  2. You can use your username or email address, if you have lost your password use the link to reset it
  3. Click on ‘Membership Renewal’ in the menu at the top
  4. Click on the appropriate PayPal button for the account you are renewing
  5. If you have an account you can log in here, if you don’t then ‘Check out as a guest’
  6. You will then be asked to fill in all the relevant details to complete your payment
  7. Click the ‘Pay Now’ button
  8. Once your payment has been approved you will be asked to log back in
  9. Please do this to complete the process
  10. You can use this opportunity to update all your details – remember we upload these details to England Athletics
  11. To do this hover over the text in the top right corner ‘Howdy [your name]’
  12. Then hover over ‘Profile’
  13. Finally click on ‘Edit’
  14. Once you have made your changes remember to ‘Save Changes’