Gwent League THANK YOU

A big BIG THANK YOU to all the volunteers who helped out today.  Some were there all day, others raced and then helped substitute existing marshals and bring in the course, but however you helped out you made a welcome contribution to a very successful event.

We had plenty of positive feedback; the Blaise fixture is a mainstay of the Gwent League, quite possibly the most popular venue (I’ve heard many comments to this effect), and we certainly sustained this reputation toda…y.

Just a point for the future – although we did manage to cover everything in the end, we were rather stretched for marshals at the start of the races (and also at the same time in the car park).  It’s a big event, and just 3 or 4 extra helpers for a couple of hours 11:30 – 1:30 would have reduced Carol’s stress levels considerably.  And lastly a BIG THANK YOU to Carol her help.