Gwent League Results + Lost Property

Well done to everyone who raced on Saturday (there were over 100 from the club), and a big thank-you to all our many (at least 40) helpers who made it such a successful event.  We were rewarded with the best weather of the week, and some outstanding results, including wins for Floren Scrafton in the senior women (leading home a very powerful team), Hannah Hobbs in the U17 women, and Dalis Jones in the U13 girls (also at the head of a very strong squad).  Abdi Hasan just got pipped at the post in a thrilling finish to the U15 boys race, and there were many other great performances to behold.

I’ve only seen the men and boys’ results in detail (others to follow):
Boys U11: George Peacock 3, Soloman Scott 20, Murray Pearson 23, Isaac Osborne 27, Sam Huckett 28, Sam Leather 32, Finley White 53, Charlie Duncan 84; U13: Seamus Robinson 7, Finn Goodhew 45, Tom Watson 68; U15: Abdifataah Hasan 2, Bryn Davies 7, Greg Hayward 11, James Harrod 14, Fred Stewart 16, Johan Hobbs 30; U17: Ben Rawlins 8, Aidan Noble 13, Ben Whitaker 26, Nathan Mullick 40
Men: Scott Campbell 31st, Oli Beale 43rd, Alex Hamblin 58th, Ben Osborne 74th, Nick Smart 86th, David Hobbs 96th, Daniel Ewing 105th, Robin Phillips 142nd, Ken Ham 146th, Richard Noble 160th, Dominic Taylor 167th, Ewan Paton 203rd, Dave Clark 217th, Mike Mewse 234th, Paul Harrod 235th, Joshua Smith 267th, Andrew Yuill 285th, Jullian Bailey-Gard 313th

Lost Property
This week’s haul includes a pair of bottoms in navy blue, age 8-9 years old; a LOGG Hoodie in old burgundy with ‘1994’ on the front; and a single blue sock, slightly sweaty.  I’ll bring these along to training.