Gait Analysis Workshop and Drills and Exercises to Improve Your Running

We’re putting on a couple of workshops for club members, the first ‘chalk and talk’ after training on Monday 13th April, and the second one entirely practical instead of training on Thursday 14th May.  While they are designed to complement each other, you’ll still find the practical of interest even if you miss the presentation.

These events are for members of Westbury Harriers and Yate and District AC.  However, if your club might like us to put on a similar pair of workshops, you would be welcome to send someone to evaluate.

Presentation: Gait Analysis and the Mechanics of Running and Injuries Monday 13th April, Coombe Dingle (Bar Area) ‘8pm’ (asap after training)

The presentation will look at the mechanics of how we run, using slow motion video comparisons. It will show how things can go wrong with our running technique, and what to look out for in real life. From this, we’ll survey the sorts of injuries which can result.

The presentation will be of interest to group leaders, runners wanting to take their sport further, and the persistently injured wanting a better understanding of their bodies!

While there might be spaces available on the night, to ensure we’re not overcrowded please let me know if you’re planning to come: or put your name against the Facebook event.

Practical: Drills and Exercises to Improve Your Running  Thursday 14th May, Coombe Dingle (subject to favourable weather forecast) 7pm (replaces normal Thursday session)

In this practical session we’ll develop a range of drills and exercises based on the principles established in the Gait Analysis Presentation. Some of these exercises are already used regularly on a Thursday night, but we’ll take the time to work through a much more complete set, suitable for addressing your running weaknesses from a remedial level.

There is no need to book (although an indication against the Facebook event would help).

Please note this is subject to benign weather (watch this space for details)