Event Co-Ordinator vacancy

Phil Court will unfortunately be stepping down from his position of events co-ordinator at the next AGM. He has done a fantastic job behind the scenes ensuring the events we host and organise have all the necessary permits, licences and arrangements in place. So we are looking for someone to take on this essential role. The events we currently organise are the Westbury Wipeout, The Blaise Blazer and one Gwent league fixture per season. The job description is outlined below. Please contact Tamsin Chick (manager.women@westburyharriers.co.uk) if you are interested or want to know more. It is vital that we have someone to take on this role. Phil will do a full handover and will be there to support the next person as they learn the ropes.

The committee would like to take this opportunity to thank Phil for all his work for the club, it is much appreciated.


Events coordinator


Volunteering hours: 1hour per week average*

Roles and functions

  • Abide by and promote all club policies.
  • In conjunction with other committee members / volunteers, ensure all events are adequately resourced and implemented in accordance with legislation, licence criteria, etc…. An events team will need to be arranged.
  • Prepare and distribute as necessary all event supporting documentation. (e.g. Licence Applications, Risk Assessments, Event Adverts, Entry Forms, Course Maps and Descriptions, Location Plans, Marshall Instructions, letters to emergency services, etc…)
  • In conjunction with other committee members / volunteers, ensure all supporting resources are in place prior to each event (e.g. sawdust, directional arrows, posts, tape, race numbers, safety pins, entry forms, pens, results forms / system, prizes, medals, T-shirts, starting whistle, stop watches, etc…)
  • Obtain all necessary Site Licences from land owners (Incl. access arrangements (i.e. keys, lock codes, etc…)).
  • Obtain all Race Licences (Incl. Insurance Cover) from appropriate governing body.
  • Arrange for adequate First Aid Facilities and Cover to be provided in accordance with licence criteria, etc….
  • Arrange for adequate toilet facilities (i.e. Portaloos) to be provided for large events.
  • Complete all post-race documentation (incl. payments and expense claims) and submit to appropriate organisation, governing body, treasurer, etc….

Other notes

* Note – Volunteering hours are mainly focussed during 3 months prior and 1 month post events. Typically events are spread evenly across the annual event calendar.