Club Championship – entering your results

A reminder how you enter your club championship results

There is a new system on the website that you can use to record the races you have entered and your time.

  1. First of all you need to log in to the website
  2. Then click on ‘Manage your own results’ under ‘Races/Add races’
  3. Fill in your details and make sure to tick ‘Hide D.O.B.’
  4. This is the page where you can see all of your results
  5. To add your upcoming races click on ‘Races/Add races’
  6. Before submitting a new event please check to see if the race already exist by scrolling down the list or using the search
  7. If the race has already been added by someone else click ‘I’m going’
  8. If it doesn’t, click ‘Submit Event’ and complete the form
  9. Please do not enter any of the races designated for the Club Championship
  10. Club Championship races can be found in the system by typing ‘Club Champs’ in the various search boxes
  11. After the date of the race, enter your time by clicking ‘Add My Result’
  12. This system will also be used for the Club Championships

Junes club championship events

Monday 5th June Blaise Blazer, Friday 23rd June Nailsea 1okm, Tuesday 27th June Aztec West 5km


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