Blaise Castle Gwent League “dry” run – further information

The plan for the “dry” run is to meet at the Blaise Castle clubhouse at 10am. We’ll then go through what to expect on the day in terms of the course, timetable of races, parking etc. Once we’ve covered that and any questions, we’ll go for a run. The women’s course is 2 laps covering 5900 meters whilst the men do 3 laps covering 10000 meters. Following the run we’ll meet back at the clubhouse to see how it went and to answer any further questions you may have.

The course will be lightly marked – don’t expect it all to be taped off as it will be on the actual race day.

What do you need to bring? Yourselves, ideally cross country spikes, if not off road trainers, if not your normal trainers.  As it’s cross country, it can get a little slippy in places, so the more grip you have the better it’ll be.

The clubhouse will be open so you can leave any belongings there or in your car. If somebody will be at the clubhouse the entire time it’ll be left open if not, it’ll be locked whilst we’re on the run.