Weekly Reminders


  • Monday 21st August – the annual Westbury charity run. This year the run is the in the form of a hash. See instructions below. Children’s hospice South West is our chosen charity. All to wear club kit. Gate money and donations from the cake sale will all go to our nominated charity. Please bake and bring along cakes. You MUST sign in and out so we know everyone is back.
  • Monday 28th August – no training as bank holiday
  • Monday 4th September training on a Monday returns to Coombe Dingle


  • Kit sale will not be taking place at the charity run. This will take place later in the year when we are back at Coombe Dingle.
  • Saturday 23rd September – Midland road relays – juniors and seniors. Please let you team manger know if you can run.
  • Upcoming club championship events Sunday 3rd Sep Oldbury 10 miles, Sunday 17th Sep Bristol half marathon, Sunday 24th Sep Portishead multi terrain 10km


The Westbury Harriers Hash – A Short Guide

‘Hashing’ is an organised run, where nobody knows where the route goes! The object is to get everyone around the course as quickly as possible, without losing anyone. But there are lots of false trails, which will slow the faster runners down, and allow the pack to keep up (hopefully). To do this, the course setters use sawdust markers. Symbols vary slightly between hashes, but we’re using these ones: → (an arrow): You’re on the right path – carry on and shout (see below) T : You’re on the wrong path – Turn back! O (a circle, always at junction of paths): Check all the paths to find the right one ° ° ° (blobs, usually in threes): After a circle, there will be blobs along possible paths. This path might be right (eventually you’ll see an arrow), or it might be wrong (it ends in a T). So what happens? Starting from the club house, you’ll be told where to head for the first O. From there, between you, check all the adjoining paths, following ° ° ° blobs, until someone finds a → (and shouts) Of course, most of the paths will end in a T, telling you it’s a false trail. False trails can be up to 100m long! Some parts of the route will involve lots of checking, but there are also some long runs without false routes. The whole course is within the Blaise Castle Estate. It doesn’t cross or run along any road or golf course, but it might cross a stream, and it might go up a steep slope! Shouting ‘Communication’ is very important. Whenever you see a →, shout ‘ON ON’ (very loudly). This is most important, because it means everyone else can abandon their false trails and follow you. Lots of Circles Sometimes, one of the paths from a O, will quickly lead to another O (without any arrows), and that may even lead to a third nearby O. All the paths need to be checked, so shout back to get more help! Finding The Cake Baton There’s a new ending this year. Because it is getting dark, and markers are hard to see, towards the end of the hash you’ll all arrive at a large open area. A marshal in a fluorescent bib will tell you when you get to this place what the boundaries of the area are. Someone else (we’ll tell you who at the briefing) will be hidden somewhere in the area, with the cake baton. The cake sale can’t start without the cake baton. Your job is to find the person with the baton, and then get the baton back to the club house as quickly as possible. Once the baton has been found, everyone can run back to the club house. And Finally … If You Think You’re Lost … it’s because (a) the leaders aren’t shouting loudly enough; or (b) you’re not listening and looking hard enough!